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Founded in 1986, The Independent stands for many things, often uniquely so. It stands independent of political party allegiance and makes its own mind up on the issues of the day. The Independent has always had a global perspective, built on a firm foundation of superb international news reporting, journalism and analysis and now enjoys a reach that was inconceivable when it was launched as an upstart player in the British newspaper industry, with as many readers in the US as the UK. It breaks news stories that matter, and alerts the world to new challenges.

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4.6 van 5
12 beoordelingen

12 beoordelingen

T Oostra ,

Not an improvement - I deleted the app

The ‘old’ app was perfect I read the independent on a daily basis.

The new app is slow, the navigation is poor and the app requires a subscription. This app ends my interest in reading the independent on a mobile device.

britdam ,

No updates

Content hasn’t (been) updated in a week. Is the App dead?

jkvwinssen ,

app crashes

very bad app,crash after crash ,on my iphone x and iphone 7+.


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