Invisible Guardian is your security. You hope to never use, but it's there 24/7.

Join people from around the world who are security proactive and ready for emergencies like domestic violence, assaults, natural disasters, missing persons, mass shootings etc. Keep in mind, every 30 seconds someone gets accosted, disappears, etc. The Invisible Guardian app has been created to help the world be a safer place, one app user at a time. Users can accomplish amazing things with Invisible Guardian – security and confidence via a beautifully simple app. The app is designed to help users get through their day safely and securely while allowing the user to be more confident to take on the world.

Invisible Guardian is built for the pace of modern life. The app helps users survive in cases of emergency by always listening (in any language)!! With just a whistle or shrill scream from the user it alerts the app to listen for a secret code word, as defined by the user. Only the app owner knows what that secret code word is. Once Invisible Guardian is activated with your personal secret code word, the app is put into activation mode to execute your defined safety plan. The app will instantly complete the safety play you have personally set it to do. The app is like having a personal bodyguard 24/7.

The Invisible Guardian app is a patent-approved app; it is a mind and life-saving app that has 6 core functions:

Invisible Listening to secretly make audio recording with your whistle and personal secret code word. Could be used as a resource for survivors of domestic violence.

Invisible Escape could be used for those dealing with uncomfortable workplace harassment. To setup you must create a screenshot for your picture that’s coming through when you receive your phone call and your secret code word to activate this function. After you have used your whistle and secret code word that activates the escape phone call. You can then show people your phone that has your picture screenshot that you previously set of incoming call and you would use words like mom, hospital, work, etc., which then will give you that phone call to get you out of unwanted, uncomfortable, or dangerous situations).

Invisible Alert a whistle and your secret code word text friends and family your name and your GPS, and you’re in trouble in seconds you can be feet from your phone and your phone stays black so your perpetrator has no idea what you just texted.

Invisible High Alert goes straight to 911 with the app providing automatically your name your GPS location to law enforcement.

Invisible phone check-in to leaves messages on your elderly or handicap or PTSD, dementia , etc. contact on their phone for your loved one to receive messages throughout the day that you have set up this is using your voice and instruct them to pick up the phone to hear their messages or reminding them to take medicine, etc. If they do not pick up the phone, their phone will text you that the user has not responded to check-in tasks, so that you can either go home call 911 have a neighbor do a welfare check or call and see why they’re not answering, engaging the proper actions to possibly save their life.

Invisible Play: activates via an icon – the world it blinks and you can’t physically spin it, it’s really cool and calming. Spin the world to calm hypertension, nerves, ADHA, down syndrome, PTSD, etc.

Whether you need to collaborate safety notifications with others, keep track of your location, or just remember to alert others of danger, Invisible Guardian is there to help you achieve a higher level of personal safety. How easy it is to use the app? Invisible Guardian is an easy yet powerful tool. For example, the app can be set to securely capture GPS coordinates upon activation.

Get the Invisible Guardian app today. We hope you never need to use it, but it will be with you 24/7 like your own personal body guard. JUST BREATHE! Let the Invisible Guardian app be your cyber-security blanket.


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Vereist iOS 11.2 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.



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