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---iStroboSoft for iOS---
Peterson Strobe Tuners' popular StroboSoft tuning application for the iPod touch® and iPhone™. iStroboSoft™ offers the unmatched accuracy of a mechanical strobe tuner for the highest degree of precision available in a software tuning application.

Plug in and tune your electrics and acoustics quickly and easily with 1/10th cent accuracy.

Peterson Tuners has offered tuning solutions for over 65 years and is the only company specializing in hardware and software tuning products for all levels of musicians.

• Stand-by mode to reduce battery usage or freeze the display.
• Guided Mode Tuning offers an alternate strobe display that slows the strobe bands one-by-one as you come closer to tune.
• Speed control for strobe display; dampen the response for a longer note display.
• 12 Temperaments with adjustable root control.
• Display all sharps note display.
• Assisted Low Note Detection (ALND) helps capture very low frequencies.
• Mains hum filter option reduces the chances of the tuner latching on to 50 or 60Hz cycle hum when using a direct line-in connection or while using the app during device charging.
• Smooth, real-time strobe display allows you to achieve an unmatched level of accuracy.
• Note/Octave window displays the correct note and octave for the note being tuned.
• Cents display allows you to see how far out of tune your note is in cent values.
• Tune in auto or manual mode.
• Toggle the display to show: cents, Hz, MIDI note value for the note being tuned.
• Glowing flat/sharp indicators assist when tuning a note very far from the target position.
• Noise filter: Use the noise filter when utilizing an external mic or clip-on tuning device to help reduce the effect of extraneous environmental noise during tuning.
• Input boost: The input boost will raise all input frequencies by +24dB.
• Calibration mode: iStroboSoft can be calibrated to an external source guaranteeing 1/10th cent accuracy.
• Drop/Capo mode: iStroboSoft will auto-transpose notes up or down to one full octave.
• Adjustable Concert A: Change the Concert A reference of the tuner to accommodate tuning to a fixed instrument, such as a piano, or tune instruments that do not utilize the typical Western A440 reference.
• Full screen mode permits the strobe display to be maximized on screen to allow better viewing from a distance.
• Change strobe display colors to accommodate different lighting environments or set a preferred user color for those with limited color palette recognition.

Use the built-in mic on your device for tuning or connect directly via the headphone jack using an approved adaptor cable or interface.

Devices without a headphone jack can connect a pickup or mic using the lightning-to-audio adaptor.

Optional adaptor cable for direct line-in access as well as mini capsule microphone available from Peterson.

Support via email at: or call 708.388.3311 M-F 8am-5pm (CST)


Versie 2.98

fix a bug introduced in last release that broke access to some settings items.

Beoordelingen en recensies

Ronaldvd9 ,

Don't upgrade !

This version does not work any more on my iPad air. I have to buy it again as an HD version, while I was happy with the previous one. Also on the iPhone the controls in the new version are now very small and there are in App purchases up to EUR 54 !

Edegraaff ,


Heerlijk dat deze app direct respons geeft bij geluid, wat je bij het principe van een strobe tuner ook verwacht. Ik gebruik het voor een Rhodes. Chromatische tuners reageren daar niet voorspelbaar op. Voor stretch tuning kan je sweeteners kopen, maar je kan ook een stretch tuning chart erbij gebruiken en het zelf compenseren.

Krooshof ,

Best tuning app for iphone

Update: I bought the full upgrade pack. I am very happy with that. The math behind tuning is one thing, but the overtones of a real life string (or other vibrating body) are another. The Sweeteners of this app take real life into account, and let you tune your instrument beautifully.

If you do not buy the whole deal, I do understand that. But do get the sweetener for your instrument. It really adds value.

This is what I wrote over a year ago:

I'm using this app for 3 years now, and it just got better. It very easy to use and very accurate.

They implemented many tools for the tuning nerd that I am, like stretched tunings for piano and optimized tunings for many many instruments. Very nice! These settings are only available in the very expensive tools that cost several hundred euro/dollar and are targeted on professional tuners.

This app is for musicians.


Peterson Strobe Tuners
7.3 MB

Vereist iOS 8.1 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.



Leeftijdskeuring 4+
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€ 10,99
In-app aankopen
  1. Accordion Sweetener Pack € 10,99
  2. All Sweeteners € 43,99
  3. Full Discounted Upgrade Pack € 64,99


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