JOY Basketball 4+


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Joy Basketball offers a new way to enjoy and engage in basketball workouts. It collects ball movement with embed motion sensors in the INSAIT JOY Smart Basketball, and analyses statistics with AI powered algorithm to present you live measurement in your basketball workouts.

Start your training day with 20 interactive and engaging drills
- Improve your ball handling skills with minimum space available and 5 skill training sessions
- Enhance your shooting accuracy with 2 shooting drills and live analysis on your shots
- Practice dribbling with 9 music tempo challenges. Follow the beats on the screen. When a beat comes up, pound dribble hard on the ground to catch it
- Try to replicate 4 fancy moves in the superstar challenge, enhance your similarity, fluency and completion scores

See your performance with live measurement
- Analyse your practice automatically with AI-powered algorithm
- Present your performance with real-time measurement on results, fluency, power, shooting angle, accuracy and so on.
- Get a complete picture of your workouts with instant, automated rating for each session

Make basketball training a habit and something to enjoy and look forward to
- Share your workout results with friends, team and the coach on social media
- Take a v-log of your highlights with on-screen scores and stats using the embedded v-log function.
- Stay in the leaderboard with players all over the world.


Versie 3.6.0

- Add new feature Club & Event.


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