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LanScan is een eenvoudige en efficiënte IPv4 netwerk scanner die alle actieve devices op een subnet kan achterhalen: van het eigen subnet, of van een publiek subnet naar je eigen keuze.

LanScan heeft exact dezelfde mogelijkheden als de in-App aankoop in de gratis LanScan versie. (hostname opzoeken zonder beperkingen)
We houden de Pro versie beschikbaar voor compatibiliteit met eerdere versies, maar voor nieuwe gebruikers raden we de In-App aankoop in de gratis versie van LanScan aan.

-> Automatische detectie van beschikbare interfaces: Airport, Ethernet, Virtuele interfaces …
-> Scan de IP reeks van je eigen keuze, van 1 IP tot de gehele IPv4 adresruimte!
->Scan je lokale netwerk met ARP pakketten.
->Scan publieke IP reeksen met Ping/SMB/mDNS pakketten
->Toon het IP adres, MAC adres, hostname en vendor van gevonden netwerkapparaten
->Toon het SMB domein wanneer beschikbaar
->Hostname opzoeken: DNS, mDNS (Apple apparaten) en SMB (Windows apparaten)
->Bewerken van hostname per apparaat
->Toevoegen van eigen commentaar per apparaat
->Export naar CSB bestanden
->Tonen/verbergen van kolommen
->Indelen van kolommen naar eigen voorkeur
-> Geen beperkingen in aantal devices

Vergelijking met de gratis LanScan editie:
-> Hostname opzoeken zonder beperkingen


Versie 6.9.0

* New feature : Set your own color for custom names & comments in menu "LanScan → Preferences"
* New "What's New" menu at bottom of new version features
* New keyboard shortcut for scan configuration : Cmd+.
* New keyboard shortcut for keyboard shortcuts list : Cmd+0
* Updated MAC addresses vendors

Beoordelingen en recensies

3,4 van 5
17 beoordelingen

17 beoordelingen

Dawson.1981 ,

Version 5 better than 4.3.2 but nothing special...

Update 21-01-2018:
After update to version 5.0 the ‚clear results' „Bug” likes to be vanished.

In an answer of the developer; there was a bug, only the bug has fixed in my opinion. In the end the app is nothing special at all, not worth buying. A lot more app’s available for less with more functions.

-Original review-
The whole program is made to buy the pro-version. The basic functions are not good, things you can easy do by your self within osx.

There is also a bug, ‘clear results’ won’t work. If you want to rescan the network you have to restart the program. It doesn’t reset.

Don’t buy, don’t dowload!

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Hi Dawson,

As far as we know, there's no bug on "Clear Results", can you contact us by email or "Help -> Request Support" to understand the problem?

Sterren0001 ,

Not all devices are detected

App does not detect all local network connected devices. Wasted 7 euro.

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Hi Sterren0001,

There could be some reasons not to see other devices, most of the time on specific Wi-Fi networks with security restrictions.

But if you can communicate with other devices, there're no reasons LanScan would not see them, can you contact us by email or "Help -> Request Support", let's troubleshoot that quietly together.

Bartcardi007 ,

Does what it promised (update on previous review)

As an update for my earlier review:
I'm more than willing to admit I was wrong in my previous review (see below). I contacted a friend of me who is in Apple network maintaince for companies. He confirmed the developers response and aparently there was a search tab (bookmark) open in Safari with a link to the AppStore app. Turns out to be the problem.

Anyway, problem solved and of no link to LanScan!
Sorry guys.

Review 4 star, would have been 5, if the respons was a bit more customer friendly (not everyone knows ICT or is developer). Could have asked more friendly if they could help to find out the problem or at least not reply annoyed 'bloody settings'. I know they can, reading developer resonses on other reviews.

This was the 1-star-review I left last week:
"Thanks for the virus.
Whenever I'm opening Safari, my App Store opens up to show this App? Very Strange, and I don't like it.
To bad, because I liked the programm, helped me out a lot last week when fixing an network error."

Developer Response:
"You won the 1-star worse review of the week. Apps are sandboxed and can't have access to your Safari settings. Apps are notarized and checked by Apple for 'virusses'. Check your bloody Safari settings. (And rate LanScan accordingly if it helped...)"

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Hi Bartcardi007, thanks for your new review! I admit in 10 years, it's the first time I had such words ("bloody settings!"), First I'm sorry for that. Those days, more and more 1-star users usually never take the time (or think) about contacting the support by email ( in About window or Help -> Support), they just review, and then whatever the dev answer on AppStore, the review stay the same, and ...... that's it. It is very very exhausting and frustrating. (Which is not an excuse to loose patience and speak unfriendly though.) That was not your case, and our exchange on AppStore reviews is rich, but it would have been also interesting by email! Anyway, glad it's now working. Thanks for your understanding. Enjoy LanScan!


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