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a must for windcontroll-players!
byg-sax - Mar 9, 2017
all the essential parameters like breath, pitch-bend, velocity, mod-wheel etc. are monitored in separate bars! so its very easy to check out, what the values send by your windinstrument (CCs etc of a Synthophone, EWI, WX5, Casio or AE-10) are . thx for this great little app :-)

See my other App's:
- "AAccompanist" (Auto Accompanist/Arranger). Fully customizable button and piano key chromatic accordion (C-System, B-System, free bass, quint bass) with MIDI player and "General MIDI" virtual instruments.
- "MIDI file player" (player, recorder, "General MIDI" virtual instruments).
This App's have all local sounds and/or MIDI capability.

To improve sound quality, use an external Sound Module or for example the App Roland "Sound Canvas".

"MIDItoolsPlus" features:
- MIDI Bluetooth LE supported (e.g. Yamaha MD-BT01)
- Full piano keyboard with 88 keys. The key size can be adapted in a wide range.
- You can use the App as a "General MIDI sound module" (16 channels,128 instruments, GM drum set).
- You can use the App as a "Master Keyboard" (volume, velocity, reverb, chorus, panorama, modulation, pitch bend, sustain pedal, sostenuto pedal, soft pedal). All settings are stored separately for each of the 16 MIDI channel.
- Monitor MIDI devices (like MIDI-Keyboards, MIDI-Pianos, MIDI-Accordions, MIDI-Saxophones). Normal, "System Exclusive" and "Real time" MIDI messages are displayed and analyzed. Some MIDI messages are visualized with bars.
- 180° rotation is supported to reduce cable problems.
- Background playing is supported.
- For more details read the integrated help function.

Sending and receiving MIDI data requires an external MIDI device connected to the iPhone/iPod/iPad (e.g. the "iRig MIDI").

This App is for example useful to calibrate and monitor the MIDI Saxophone "Synthophone" from "Softwind Instruments, Berne, Switzerland".

You get best results when you connect your Apple device to a stereo equipment thru the earphone connector (do not use Bluetooth, which has to much delay time).

A customer "SoundFont" can be placed in the shared iTunes folder to replace the included "General MIDI sounds". The name must be exactly "GM_instruments.sf2" and it must support the general MIDI sound set, including drums. Large "SoundFont" files may not work well on older Apple devices.

Known problem:
- No sound: Is the silent switch set to OFF or volume too low?


Versie 1.3.1

Bug fix, caused by new iOS and Xcode versions, sorry.


Walter Schurter
55 MB

Vereist iOS 8.2 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.





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