Mind My Dues 4+

Luigi Festinante

Ontworpen voor iPad

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The most complete of its kind on the App Store!

Compatible and optimized for the new iOS and iPadOS 15

Keeping track of all your sub­scrip­tions to your fa­vo­ri­te ser­vi­ces is now ea­sier with Mind My Dues. Enter your sub­scrip­tions in the app to be no­ti­fied on the day of pay­ment or even th­ree days be­fo­re. Furthermore, thanks to Mind My Dues you can keep all your sub­scrip­tions in-check from one pla­ce, check when are these due, the due amount for this mon­th and get a charted overview that will help you get an idea about your spen­ding on sub­scrip­tions.

Recent new features:
• You can now suspend a subscription and then restart it whenever you like
• You can now create up to 10 custom notifications for each subscription
• You can now divide the subscriptions into categories
• You can now choose which subscriptions to display in the widgets
• You can now export your payments to a CSV format file

Va­rious fea­tu­res :
• Com­pa­ti­ble with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac M1.
• Com­pa­ti­ble with Mul­ti­Ta­sking on iPad.
• Re­gi­stra­tion and Lo­gin to keep your data up to date.
• No­ti­fi­ca­tions to no­ti­fy you of ex­pi­ring sub­scrip­tions.
• Real­ti­me da­ta­ba­se, your data will al­ways be up­da­ted wi­thout you ever ha­ving to wor­ry about it.
• Bio­me­tric au­then­ti­ca­tion for the se­cu­ri­ty of your data.
• Sign-in with apple, to pro­tect your pri­va­cy.
• Dark mode.
• Today Widget.
• iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 Wid­gets!
• Apple Watch App!

* Pri­va­cy po­li­cy url: https://www.iu­ben­da.­com/pri­va­cy-po­li­cy/57088575
* Terms of ser­vi­ce: https://www.eulatemplate.com/live.php?token=l89vnrLFqeWyV2kIr9nJYpj4TB6RplEl


Versie 7.6

Store your payments in subscriptions and export them as a CSV file. Thanks to the new "payments" tab, now you can!

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