Warmup, Recover and Restore with Mobility MVMNT. The Mobility MVMNT App is the most comprehensive mobility and movement resource of guided videos designed for the movements and demands of CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Strength and Conditioning athletes. Mobility MVMNT incorporates the following modalities and methodologies:

• Motor control drills
• Stability work
• End range loading
• Joint mobilization
• Joint articulation
• Active mobilization
• PNF stretching
• Regressive and progressive loading
• Movement flow
• Restorative stretching
• Breath work

Mobility MVMNT is more than just stretching. We focus on preparing the body for movements, building awareness of your body and breath, then guide you to enter a resting state so your body can tap into its natural capacity to recover.

MVMNT Prep is to get you ready for your work out and prime your body for the movement ahead.

MVMNT Recovery sequences are intended to create a calm and relaxed state, to enhance recovery of the body and to improve flexibility.

MVMNT Restorative focuses on breath work, relaxation and down regulating the central nervous system to restore the body back to its natural state.


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