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Alan Hedge

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This app is part of SONEXES™ Ergonomic Expert System. It lets evaluate the ergonomic factors in your work, and all other risk factors.

During the past twenty years work-related musculo-skeletal disorders (WRMSDs) have become a major problem worldwide and both the economic and human costs are immense. There are many different WRMSDs varying in the specific symptoms and their body locations. There are also many and various risk factors that contribute to the development of WRMSDs.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has defined WRMSDs as those diseases and injuries affecting the musculo-skeletal, peripheral nervous, and neurovascular systems that are caused or aggravated by occupational exposure to ergonomic hazards (NIOSH, 1997). Ergonomic hazards refer to physical stressors and workplace conditions that pose a risk of injury or illness to the musculo-skeletal system of the worker. Ergonomic injury risks include:
* repetitive motions
* forceful motions
* vibration
* temperature extremes (especially cold conditions)
* contact stress
* awkward or static work posture
caused by the inadequate design of workstations, tools or other work equipment, and by improper work methods.
The effects of ergonomic injury risks may be amplified by organizational factors such as
* shift work
* work pace
* imbalanced work-rest ratios
* demanding work standards
* system of incentives
* lack of task variety...

Individual risk factors that can contribute to WRMSDs are:
* age
* gender
* physical activity
* anthropocentric characteristic
* unhealthy habits (smoking, alcoholism?)
* hobby?

WRMSDs prevention and identification involves many different experts such as ergonomics, occupational physicians, safety engineers, occupational psychologists... It seems evident that no single person can master all of the knowledge needed to identify and prevent WRMSDs. Therefore there is a need for a tool that will systematically identify the ergonomic risk factors that might lead to development of WRMSDs, in their replica watch early stages of development, and that can easily be used by ergonomists or other health and safety professionals to analyze jobs.
In the last 20 years considerable worldwide effort and research funding has been devoted to finding appropriate replica watches breitling strategies for analyzing and preventing WRMSDs. There is general scientific agreement that ergonomics plays a decisive role in these efforts, and a failure to adhere to ergonomic principles of work design are believed to be the leading factors in the development of WRMSDs. polo ralph lauren outlet
Ergonomic interventions are recognized as the preferred engineering approach and technique for preventing WRMSDs in the work place. But successful interventions must be based on a correct assessment of the ergonomic risks in the work.
The SONEXES system has been developed as an easy to use and quick, yet comprehensive, ergonomics expert system. SONEXES can be used as a diagnostic tool, and for the ergonomic analysis of the workplace. These software can be offered to different users as a tool that will enable early detection and prevention of a number of different WRMSDs.


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