nRF Connect is a powerful generic tool that allows you to scan and explore your Bluetooth Low Energy (henceforth Bluetooth LE, also called Bluetooth Version 4.0+ of the Bluetooth specification) devices and communicate with them.

nRF Connect also allows your iOS device to advertise as a peripheral, with full support of many of Bluetooth SIG adopted profiles.

Additionally, nRF Connect supports Nordic Semiconductor’s Device Firmware Update profile (DFU) capabilities, allowing you to update compatible peripherals!

- Features:
• Supports Nordic Semiconductor's (Secure & legacy) DFU.
• Supports Nordic Thingy™ from Nordic Semiconductor.
• Scan and discover nearby Bluetooth LE peripherals.
• Filter Scanned Peripherals by Name, Manufacturer, Services (Advertised & Connected) and RSSI Level.
• Parsing Multiple Formats of Bluetooth LE Advertisement Data.
• Live RSSI Chart of Scanned Bluetooth LE Peripherals.
• Complete iPad Support, including Multi-Tasking.
• Privacy-Oriented: Full-Disclosure of Scanned Data, Advertised Data, and User-Performed Actions held by nRF Connect.
• Connecting to Any Connectable Bluetooth LE Smart Device.
• Discovery of Services and Characteristics.
• Read and Write Characteristics.
• Enable and Disable Notifications and Indications.
• Advertising as a Bluetooth LE peripheral.
• Low-Fat: nRF Connect for iOS is Very Small, at Less Than 10 MB of Size. So You Can Always Keep Us With You!

- Requirements:
• iOS 9.0 and above.

- Notes:
nRF Connect also works with our Development Kits, which you may acquire online here:


Versie 2.0

We've heard your feedback - "the app is great, but we're missing [INSERT YOUR FAVOURITE FEATURE HERE]!". In response, today we present you a BRAND NEW VERSION of nRF CONNECT!!!

## New
• Full and Complete Rewrite of the app, fully written in Swift, and architected around JSON.
• Entirely new User Interface, designed to allow quick access to the most important features: Connected Devices, Switching between Selected Devices, Filtering, Quick Selection, and lots more.

## Improved
• Less Navigation throughout Screens to get to the information you want
• Proper iPad Support: 3-Pane Layout that allows you to use the full display of your favourite tablet.
• Full iPad Multitasking Support: Whether it's Slide-Over, a third of your screen, half of your screen, or two-thirds of it, new nRF Connect adapts and makes itself at home on your device!
• Reduced Memory Consumption and App Size: This means nRF Connect should stay ready for you a lot longer than before.

## Our Commitment
• We've been hard at work for the last year making this brand-new nRF Connect for you. From this day onwards, we're actively listening to your feedback and are more than happy to address it!
• nRF Connect 2.0 is privacy oriented - you can go into Settings and check what information we have. We do not track you, we don't follow you, and we don't need to use your internet connection.
• Lastly, but not less important: this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more updates :)

nRF Connect doesn't prompt you for reviews. We value your time and know you might need to make use of our tool in times of pressure. That being said, if you feel good about us and want to perform a gesture, please leave us a review. It helps us a lot. Thank you so much in advance. :-)

To contact us, holler us on Twitter @NordicTweets. You can also use our DevZone forums ( where you will receive quick support for your inquiries.

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7 beoordelingen

Kees90 ,

Doesn't work on iOS 9.3

The app doesn't work anymore since iOS 9.3

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

We have added full support for down to iOS 8.0 , can you give the latest version a try ? If still having issues please shoot us an email to
Thank you


Nordic Semiconductor ASA
27.9 MB

Vereist iOS 9.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.


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