Oilfield Handy aims to ease the life of Oilfield personnel and Petroleum, Mud Engineers by providing various on-hand calculations. It is meant for Engineers involved in Oil and Gas exploration and Drilling. An essential tool out in the Oilfield, Oil & Gas Calculations. Export your Calculation Results on Email or share with colleagues. Please email us on, for clarifications or corrections.
Annular Volume, Pipe Volume, Hyrdostatic Pressure, ECD, Volume Conversion, Drill String Volume in bbls
Annular Volume in bbls, Strokes – Surface to Bit,Strokes – Bit to surface or “Bottoms Up”,Total Stokes – Kelly to Shaker, Slug Calculation – Length of DRY Pipe, Slug Weight Calculation – Length of DRY Pipe, Accumulator Capacity — Usable Volume Per Bottle, Control Drilling – Maximum Drilling Rate feet per hour, Bulk Density of Cuttings (Using Mud Balance), Drill String Design (Limitations), Ton-Mile (TM) Calculations, Cementing Calculations, Weighted Cement Calculations, Calculations for the Number of Sacks of Cement Required, Calculations for the Number of Feet to Be Cemented, Setting a Balanced Cement Plug, Increase Oil/Water Ratio,
Decrease Oil/Water Ratio, Hydraulicing Casing
Depth of a Washout, Lost Returns — Loss of Overbalance, Stuck Pipe Calculations, Calculations Required for Spotting Pills, Pressure Required to Break Circulation, Tags : United States, Kuwait, India, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, France, Oil Company, Petroleum, Oil & Gas, Mud, Cement


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