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Omipay, a professional mobile payment platform based in Sydney, Australia, is dedicated to providing tailor-made industrial payment solutions for merchants. Enable customers to enjoy smart mobile payment finance anytime and anywhere. Omipay has teams in 3 major cities in Australia to provide platform support and personalized service for customers, and optimize payment experience for each consumer group. The App is Omipay's business-oriented App, designed to make it easier for merchants.
Omipay use the Internet security firm Symantec security system security, key data for Hmar Hash encryption, prevent brute force and data manipulation, services to multi-node distributed deployment, according to the user to access, automatically routing access, guarantee the high availability, more than one database server synchronization, real-time guarantee the reliability of the data storage and recoverability, trading information to 256 - bit encryption.
Omipay is equipped with two sets of foreign exchange clearing systems, all of which use TLS1.2 Https security communication protocol to ensure the security and reliability of information in the transaction and access process. All back-end services use AES for secondary authentication to prevent fake request attacks and ensure the security and reliability of customer access services.
Omipay scenario
Support: scanning payment, POS payment, online payment, API payment


Versie 4.0.9

1.Fix some bugs


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