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Make all your mobile inspections, service sheets, visit forms, order forms, stock market reports, proof-of-delivery documents, delivery notes, installation documents, checklists, timesheets, damage reports, intake forms, taxation forms, inspection forms, measuring states, NEN2767, workplace inspections, incident forms, etc. mobile and digital.

- fast reporting
- multiple entry is history
- a user friendly and structured process
- a flexible system in which it is easy to transform your paper hassle into a digital flow
- suitable for a diversity off applications
- it is on- and offline applicable

With OmniMove there are already more than 2000 applications realized and over 5 million forms processed.

The OmniMove MobileForms Mobile Enterprise Application Platform allows you to build your own enterprise app in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: create once, without any IT knowledge, your own mobile app (or with our help).
Step 2: enter data on your device (tablet or telephone)
Step 3: central management of users, data and reported transactions on the web portal.

We support the following functions:
- on- and offline working with forms
- portrait / landscape
- text items
- numeric items
- radio buttons
- check boxes
- conditional items
- calculation fields
- drop boxes
- cascading drop boxes
- datasourceconnector to central databases for assignment lists, popup- and drop boxes
- popup items
- databinding items (automatically filled by a drop box or assignment)
- date/ time items
- extra information
- read-only items
- hidden items
- mandatory items
- signature
- photo support
- GPS support
- worklflows
- email items
- assignments through dispatch function
- automated email reporting
- generator for PDF rapports in your own lay-out
- graphs
- central management of users, data and assigning forms to user groups
- roles and filters for access to the web portal
- datasource connector to CSV, XLS and web services to integrate with others systems and central databases

For more information or if you want to make use of our free trial (so that we can transform your paper forms to an enterprise app) contact us at or look at


Versie 1.3.5

Deze app is door Apple bijgewerkt en geeft nu het Apple Watch-appsymbool weer.

support iOS 9.2.1

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3 beoordelingen

3 beoordelingen


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