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Capture and collect color palettes with Pastel!

Pastel is an app for amateur developers & artists (like us!) that lets you build up a library of color palettes to use in your projects.

With drag & drop, drag colors out into other apps like Pages and Keynote, or many third-party apps from your favorite developers, so you can use your Pastel library as your master color collection across apps.

Seamlessly sync your library across devices with iCloud.

Analyze photos to determine their dominant colors — choosing specific colors manually if you wish — and save their color palettes to Pastel.

Includes a variety of color pickers, like wheel, RGB sliders, and crayons, or pick named colors from your color library that you curate yourself. Drag and drop from the sidebar to any palette.

Copy a variety of developer-focused code representations, like RGB, hex, Objective-C, Swift and SwiftUI. Paste hex codes into the sliders color picker.

From the menu bar, bring up the color picker from wherever you are and sample colors from the screen.

Copy a pixel bitmap representation of a palette to paste into your favorite pixel editor, or export as an image.

In the free version, try out the built-in library, and add your own palettes up to a limit of 20 items total. Upgrade to the unlimited version using a straightforward, once-off in-app purchase.


Versie 2.1.3

• New in v2.1: Export Desktop Picture: create beautiful, colorful desktop pictures in various different 2D & 3D styles using Pastel's new desktop picture creator
• Adds a debug panel for browsing and restoring library backups.

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21 beoordelingen

oskaie ,


It looks like you've copied Coolors . The interface for palette editing looks perfectly the same. But it is a nice alternative ify ou don't consider the payed version. If so please consider downloading Coolors for cheaper

brndblm ,

Rather buggy

At first glance, this app is great.
But while working with it I came across some loose screws. Sometimes while making a new palette the app crashes, or I change the order of the colors, I quit the palette and see the colors changeing back to their old positions.
I also miss an option to store all the palettes in a backup location outside of the app so I can easily import the palettes on an other system running the Pastel app.
Also it is weird I can name colours in my palette and but the search feature doesn't find the names of the colours when I look for them, it only searches the palette names. I can store colours under a special tab, but importing colours I already used in my palettes is in no way automatic. Which is a bummer when you have imported hundreds of palettes by hand already.
I like the app, but it feels to clunky. The infrastructure should be working a bit better together instead of me having to do everything manually. I hope these points will be adressed in the future so I can feel happy having paid for this app.



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