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Nikolai Krill

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Patterns is the ultimate tool for working with regular expressions. Build great patterns quickly and effortlessly with regex syntax highlighting, live match view, replace mode, built-in quick reference, and much more. Whether you're new to regex and ready to learn, or a seasoned regex wizard looking to save valuable time, Patterns is the tool for the job.

- Regular expression syntax highlighting makes it easy to see how your pattern is interpreted by the regex engine. No more confusion about what needs to be escaped.
- The Matches view lets you inspect all matches and captured text produced by your regex, alongside your search text. Clicking on a match or group highlights both the matched search text and the specific portion of your regex that produced the match or capture.
- See matches, replacements, and filter results in real time while you edit your pattern.
- Use the Copy Code feature to quickly export your pattern for use in a number of different programming languages.
- The built-in regular expression quick reference sheet helps you learn and expand your knowledge of regex syntax.
- Customize the regex engine for different regex "flavors". Supported flavors are: Oniguruma, POSIX Basic (BRE), POSIX Extended (ERE), Perl (PCRE), emacs, Java, Ruby, bash, grep, and sed.


Versie 1.3

- Native support for Apple Silicon
- Ability to quickly select and deselect different capture groups for copying of matched text
- Bug fixes and general improvements

Beoordelingen en recensies

4,4 van 5
5 beoordelingen

5 beoordelingen

philipk89 ,

Have used this for years

I've used this tool for many years now, it's a great productivity boost for developers. Deserves 5 stars for sure!

tuxkey ,

doesn’t have unix/linux Regular POSIX

i just bought this app and it’s basicly usless for me.
i need / want something that can show / help me with regular Posix Linux/unix expressions that would work with your default grep or awk you name it..
i’m stil considering not filing for a return and waiting to see if the developer adds what i want.
But considering the previos version did not have this and someone asked for it and no work has bin done on it i don’t expect much.

Bart McLeod ,

Great tool so far

I was looking for a replacement of the dashboard widget, because the dashboard has gone away with Catalina.

I see no reason why this tool should not have 5 stars, because for my use cases, it works very well and I really like the syntax coloring. That is very helpful.

It works fast and as promised.


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