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The Paw Tag by Nouslogic is the ONLY patent pending Smart Tag in the world that allows instant direct 2 way chat (+GPS info) with the Tag Owner when the Paw Tag is Scanned.


1-Scan/Tag Lost Pet Communication
Customized Messaging for Person who Finds Your Lost Pet
Be contacted through the Paw Tag App. Use social media messaging, phone call, video call, or text.
Lost & found – Post ReachMe NFC/QR Code on luggage tag, pet or child’s school bag

How Does It Work?
The only patent pending Smart Pet Tag in the world that allows
instant Video-Chat (+GPS info) with Pet Owner when the Paw Tag is scanned or NFC-tapped!
The Paw Tag uses NFC and QR code technology to help reunite the lost pet with its owner.
Simply download and register “The Paw Tag” app, then login and link the Paw Tag.
Anyone who scans the Paw Tag’s QR code with an iPhone camera or taps the Paw Tag built in NFC chip with an other Phone can instantly Video Chat with the Pet Owner and send the GPS location.

The Paw Tag notification service solves these problems that have been plaguing everyone:

How can I leave a tag on anything that will not expire or change even when I change my contact information?
How can I be anonymously notified without exposing my identity or contact information?
How can I leave specific messages for each physical Paw Tag and also update the messages?


Versie 1.9.2

update Twilio SDK


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