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Every person needs a fast response in an emergency situation. PERSAFE ensures fast and effective help under all circumstances.

PERSAFE has build in fall-detection, non-movement detection and damaged phone detection and automatically triggers an alarm message to your registered responders. You can also raise an alarm yourself in the app or using the optional alarm button that is connected to your phone via bluetooth without unlocking your phone.

Your responders receive alarm message with your exact location position and alarm details. During the alarm situation we refresh this information every 20 seconds. 

The alarm message includes;
* responders can see who received alarm message and their exact locations and who is available to accept the alarm
* responders are informed who accepted the alarm and who has arrived at location of the person in alarm
* responders can set up 2-way communication with person in alarm or passively listen-in to better understand the situation and what response is required
* responders can escalate alarm to an alarm receiving centre for 112 emergency response using escalation button
* option to include important information in the alarm message on allergy, medication or medical conditions relevant to the responders

If non of the allotted responders is available the alarm is automatically escalated to alarm receiving centre. During alarm situation all responders and other observers (family members or business co-workers too distant to provide response) are constantly updated on situation and when alarm situation is ended.

To secure that during emergency situation fast help is delivered we check every 60 seconds if service is functioning correctly, who is available and what is their exact location.

Next to emergency response PERSAFE also offers FAMILY & FRIENDS locator functionalities:
* view the realtime location of friends or family members on a private map
* receive realtime notifications when friends or family arrive or leave home, work and school

For business customers we offer TEAM functionalities:
* view the realtime location of team-members in a separate screen
* receive realtime notifications when team-members arrive or leave their work location
* special assistance requests alert to team-members to ask for support during working tasks
* user icon color reflect realtime availability or occupied to other team-members

• Automatic time and location registration on arrival and departure at a work destination.
• Register multiple locations per working day (client visits)
• Replacement of static registration systems (supporting both home and mobile employees)
• Automated registration of available statuary health & safety officers

• Integration into existing DECT & paging platforms and nurse call systems
• Integration with building/fire alarms
• PERSAFE alarm messages can be compatible with other time-critical messaging platforms
• Alarm messages from existing infrastructures can be forwarded to the PERSAFE users


Versie 6.1.5

Thanks for using PERSAFE! We're always making changes and improvements behind the scenes to ensure that you do not miss anything, please keep your updates turned on.

*Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.

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