Lose Weigh with Pilates! This app has a collection of 113 tuitional and informative videos on Pilates Weight Loss Workouts.

Workouts can easily be done at home or the gym.

Tuitional videos include:
POP Pilates for Weight Loss
POP Kicks Cardio Kickboxing Break Down Intro
POP Pilates BODYPOP HIIT Bodyweight Workout
POP Cardio Kick it
POP Cardio Heart Throbber
POP Cardio Dance New Year Workout
Food Baby HIIT Workout POP Cardio
POP Kicks Total Body Cardio Kickboxing Workout
POP CARDIO Fat Melting Routine
The 2020 Workout for Fat Blasting Toning
Bikini Blaster 1 HIIT IT HARD
Cardio Pilates Fusion - 50 min - High Energy Weight Loss Detox Strength
Yes You Can Lose Weight With Pilates
10 Minutes Stomach Exercises With Pilates - How To Lose Weight Burn Belly Fat
Pilates 30 Minutes Exercises Full Workout Doing at Home
POP Pilates for Beginners - Total Body Workout
Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout - 35 Minute Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend
Super SlimDown Pilates Pilates Blend
Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss
Bikini Body Pilates - 27 Minute Abs Butt and Thighs Pilates Workout by FitnessBlendercom
Pilates and Cardio Workout - 28 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Pilates Blend
Pilates Class 1 Renees 30 Minute class eFit30
POP Pilates Body Slimming Workout Full 10 min Pilates Video
POP Pilates Bikini Bootcamp
POP Pilates Muffin Top Meltdown
POP Pilates Slimmer Inner Thighs Runners Calves
POP Pilates Arm Attack Part 1
Plank Workout for Flat Abs and Toned Arms
POP Pilates Upper Body Workout - Arms Chest and Shoulders Full 10 min Pilates Video
Pilates facial and neck exercises Firm your neck using face Pilates
Flabby arms How to tone your arms - Arm toning exercises
POP Pilates Hot Abs
POP Pilates Cinch that Waist Workout
POP Pilates Legilates Legsercizes Leg Workout
POP Pilates Perky Butt n Long Lean Legs
Corset Workout for a Slim Waist POP Pilates
Amazing Upper Back Leg Stretches
POP Pilates Stretching for Flexibility Full 10 min Pilates Video
POP Pilates Bikini Bod 1 Full 10 min Pilates Video
Youve Got Abs Flat Abs Pilates Workout Challenge
POP Pilates Lower Belly Pooch Attack Part 2
POP Pilates Tricep Toner
POP Pilates Abominable Abdominals
POP Pilates Intense Ab Workout Full 10 min
POP Pilates for Beginners Ab Time
POP Pilates Serious Standing Pilates for Legs Butt Obliques
Uh-Oh Obliques ULTIMATE Pilates Workout
POP Pilates Legs and Thighs Workout Full 10 min Pilates Video
POP Pilates Saddlebag Shaver
POP Pilates Inner Thigh Insanity
Till the World Ends Workout
POP Pilates New Body Makeover Legs Abs Arms
POP Pilates Total Body Bangin Workout
How to Make Pho w Zero Calorie Miracle Noodles FOOD Bites
How to make PHO Vietnamese Noodle Soup
Blogilates 90 Day Challenge Fat Loss Meal Plan
The Best Diet Eating Clean
POP Sculpt Total Body Workout
POP Pilates Beyonce Bootylicious Bum Butt Badonkadonk Bonanza
6 Pack Abs in 6 Moves With Davey Wavey Blogilates
Thankful Thighs Thanksgiving Workout
25 Min Pilates for Weight Loss w Sean Vigue - HASfit Pilates Exercises - Pilates Workout Routine
FITNESS SLIMMER Stronger Body Best Pilates Workout
Fun Beginners Dance Workout For Weight Loss At Home Cardio Pilates Dance Routine
Denise Austin Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates- Full Workout
Pilates For Weight Loss Fat Burning Workout - 30 Minute Beginners Flexibility Class - Day 2
32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment - Calorie Blasting Cardio Training
BalletPilates wEllen Barrett
pilates rutina completa
Pilates adelgazante
Clase completa de pilates online - Trabaja todo tu cuerpo I
Butt and Abs Tabata Workout - Fat Blasting Cardio Interval Workout
GYM BREAK - 10 min Six Pack Workout by Szymon Ga Katarzyna Kpka
Interval Training workout FULL EPISODE speed and strength HIIT workout Real Hollywood Trainer
BEBE SPORT Bridal Bootcamp for Sexy Shoulders n Beautiful Back
As Long as You Love Me Love Handles Challenge
Total Body Pilates Workout with Ana Caban Blogilates

and more


Versie 1.1

Revised Interface with following features:
Ability To Change Name & Subtitle to your own requirement and customisation
Maintain your own user notes for each lesson.
Relocate a lesson in any group
Move the lesson up and down any group
Maintain a rating and favourite status.
View by rating and favourite in addition to normal group listing
Search by any part of title, subtitle or user notes.

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