Set forth on an epic quest to save the world of Etheria in Puzzle Quest 3, an all-new installment to the globally renowned puzzle-RPG franchise. Combining the best of match-3 and RPG gameplay, Puzzle Quest 3 features fully realized 3D graphics unlike any other puzzle game of its kind! Complete hundreds of quests in an epic fantasy story, explore a variety of dungeons in search of legendary loot, then continue to hone your skills in head-to-head puzzle combat!

A land of new adventures awaits you, with dangerous enemies to conquer and loyal allies to discover. Set 500 years after the original game, the realms of Etheria face a new and mysterious threat that endangers all dragon-kind. Begin your journey to become the next Puzzle Quest legend!

Embark on an adventure to discover:

Action-packed 1-on-1 battles are more intense than ever in Puzzle Quest 3! Experience new ways to fight enemies through matching gems in any direction while charging up your spells and unleashing powerful attacks. A lot can happen in a single turn - planning ahead is the key to victory.

Choose the hero you want to be! Play as a Paladin, Berserker, Shaman, Assassin, or Necromancer, and discover a variety of storylines as you level up, build your hero’s skills, and acquire new weapons, armor, and more!

Earn fame and fortune as you battle fellow heroes in PVP and climb the leaderboards, or form an alliance with up to three friends and traverse the deepest dungeons together in real-time!

Rediscover classic Puzzle Quest features as you become the hero you were destined to be. Gain experience and loot from your quests, and select from hundreds of different weapons and armor to sharpen your combat skills, giving you the power to take on increasingly powerful foes.

Experience fully animated 1-on-1 battles with true 3D graphics never-before-seen in a match-3 game! Uncover the secrets of this revitalized Puzzle Quest universe with a lineup of new heroes, enemies, locations, and more content to be released in future updates!

Heroes earn their rewards! Defeat your enemies and complete quests to obtain valuable loot, then upgrade your gear and prepare for the next battle.

Stay tuned for regular updates and new events, including new quests to complete and bounties to claim. After 500 years, there’s still so much to discover about the world of Etheria!

Note: Puzzle Quest 3 is an Early Access title currently in soft launch. We welcome your feedback to help us shape and improve the gameplay experience. Please note that the game is at an early stage of development and will continue to evolve over time with your help!

Also, please be sure to take a few moments to download the full asset package after you install the game to get the best possible gameplay experience.

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Versie 1.0.37

Our next major update is now live! A big thank you to our players for all the continued feedback. We're introducing gear bonuses, relic trading and more with this latest update!


Introducing: Gear Bonuses
Collecting specific pieces of Armor, Weapons, and Accessories within a set of Gear will unlock special bonuses for your Hero in battle. Collect more Gear to unlock more passive abilities and take control of the Puzzle board, power up your Hero’s stats or debuff the enemy!

New Feature: Relic Trading
When your Hero reaches level 5, you can visit Eveline from the Followers menu to exchange relics with her. Swap your extra lower rarity Relics for a Relic of a higher Rarity.

New Loadout Improvements
Additional loadouts are now available to power up your Hero before battle! You can change and name your loadouts before entering a battle from the World Map, allowing you to create the right setup for any situation.

Shop Improvements and New Chapter Packs
Enter the shop to discover a new menu design and packs. Chapter Packs are now available, offering resources based on the Chapters within the story, or find limited-time Deals to gain special items like Relics and Shards.

Additional quality of life improvements and gameplay optimizations round out this update.

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Update blok

Ik wil het spel spelen maar dan moet eerst een update installeren. De update is nergens te vinden. Link stuurt me naar de AppStore, daar is de update niet.
Nu kan ik niet meer spelen.
Dit spel gaat er dus af!


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