PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: ALL CONTENT IN THIS APP IS IN GERMAN LANGUAGE ONLY even if this description is written in English.

In this GERMAN LANGUAGE ONLY complete collection of questions you will find over 200 questions which allow you to check your knowledge of subject matter, and to prepare for the Swiss written VFR Radiotelephony exam.

The “light” collection, also available in the App Store but free of charge, offers a small subset of the question collection for preview purposes.

You can work through the questions ordered by topic, in random order or in exam mode.

The questions cover the following topics:

- Definitions
- ATC abbreviations
- Q-Code groups commomly used
- Categories of messages
- Transmission of letters, numbers and time
- Transmission technique
- Standard words and phrases
- Radiotelephony call signs
- Transfer of communication, test procedures,
- Read back and acknowledgement requirements
- Radar procedural phraseology
- Weather Informations, Aerodrome weather, METAR,
Weather broadcast
- Communication Failure Distress and Urgency Procedures
- General principles of VHF propagation

The question collection is geared toward reviewing studied subject matter and covers all topics as per the JAR-FCL Syllabus. The collection contains questions similar, but not identical to those which are asked during the written VFR Radiotelephony exam in Switzerland. The question collection itself is no substitute for study of the theory, and does not replace any required subject readings.



Versie 2.0

- NEW: Cleaner, modern app design
- NEW: Color bars illustrate your progress in answering questions correctly
- NEW: Coach function shows you questions you're not so good at first
- NEW: Your answers to the questions remain visible until you reset them
- NEW: Supports advanced screen modes on iPads - use the app side-by-side with other apps or slide it over your training material or web browser


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