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Create notebooks to organize your notes. Choose between a selection of paper templates and covers, and choose between vertical or horizontal layout to fit your note-taking needs. You can also rearrange your notebooks and create folders for them for maximum flexibility.

With QuickNotes X you can import your PDF documents inside an existing notebook or in a new one, and you can edit them using all the tools QuickNotes X offers. Markup, annotate, highlight, insert images and text and more. You can also export these pages as a new PDF to share you edits.

QuickNotes X has a new accurate drawing engine that never loses detail, even after zooming or moving around the page. It also has the tools necessary to take perfect professional notes, all in one place.

With QuickNotes X, you can easily create multi-media notes: use an image as a background, or import images from your library or from the web with an in-app tool or by using drag & drop from another window. In addition, these images are always resizable and movable, so that you can edit them whenever you want

To create perfect notes, you need the right tools. This is why QuickNotes X has everything you need, from Pen and Highlighter to the Eraser, so that no mistakes are irreversible. Select the perfect line width and opacity to further customize your style, and choose the color you need from a hand-picked selection or by using the new HSV picker. You can even import a color from an image using the unique RealityPicker!

Want to restrict access to a specific notebook? Just set up a password when you create it or long press on its cover to lock it. And when you need to add some pages to it, just enter the password again or use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock it.

With the new Text Tool you can add Text Boxes to your notes to type instead of writing. Want a different text style? Choose the font, size and color you like, underline or set to bold important things: now typing and writing notes is easier with QuickNotes X.

You can export individual notes or entire notebooks as a QuickNotes X Document, which can be imported on another device to continue editing your notes. If you export your notebooks they will retain all properties, such as background and aspect ratio, so that if you reimport them they will look exactly as you expect.

Export your note as a PNG image or PDF, with the option to export the whole notebook in a single PDF document. Then, open it in your favorite app or share it with Mail, all with a few taps.

Have a Bluetooth stylus? No problem! QuickNotes X support a variety of styluses, from the Apple Pencil (1st & 2nd Generation)* to Adonit Jot, so that you can take notes while resting your palm on the screen, just like on paper.

- OPTIMIZED FOR iOS 13 & 14 -
With iOS 13 and 14, QuickNotes X is better than ever! A new, more modern look and support for Dark Mode makes taking notes with QuickNotes X a new experience.

⊱ Quickly change page by double-tapping on the edge of the screen
⊱ See all your notebook pages at a glance while taking notes with the new "Notes List" feature
⊱ Create a new page while writing with the dedicated button or by double-tapping on the edge of the screen
⊱ Unlimited undo-redo while writing (before leaving the page)
⊱ Clear your page with a single tap
⊱ Change your notebook template while writing thanks to the dedicated button
⊱ Rapidly delete notes and notebooks with just a long press
⊱ Option to reset all content (Notebooks and Notes) and preferences
⊱ Lightweight: all the features of a professional drawing app with less than 20MB of space
⊱ Localized in English, Italian and French.

QuickNotes X: note-taking, made easy.

*Only on selected iPad models


Versie 4.4.12

⊱ Fixed some bugs and improved the performance of the app

New in previous versions of QuickNotes X:
⊱ Introducing PDF Import & Edit: you can now import your PDF documents using QuickNotes X, either in an existing notebook or in a dedicated one created when you import your file. With QuickNotes X you can now fully edit your PDFs, export them and share the finished document using a wide variety of services.
⊱ Introducing custom note reordering: just like notebooks you can rearrange the notes inside of a notebook by dragging them across the screen to their final destination. The order will be used not only to display them on your device, but also when you share your notebook by exporting it as a QuickNotes X Document;
⊱ You can reset the custom order you set for your pages by long pressing on a Notebook cover and selecting "Reset note order". This will restore the chronological order set by default for your notes;
⊱ Added undo/redo functionality to background image changes: you can now undo and redo changes you make to the background image, for example by importing an image from your Library or by changing the template of the current note;
⊱ Greatly improved the quality of exported PDFs;
⊱ Added support for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15;
⊱ Other bug fixes and general performance improvements

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25 beoordelingen

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Not for fast writers

Everytime I try to write fast it deletes letters.

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