Go creative and make amazing beats and melodies now! Maybe you’re humming on your first beat ever or maybe you’re thinking about your next album. With Reason Compact you’ll have a powerful and easy-to-use music studio right in your pocket, ready to sketch down ideas whenever inspiration strikes. It’s never been easier and more fun to make music!

• Start a song from scratch or use one of the genre-based demo songs

• Learn more and find inspiration from smart tools and explainers

• Sketch out song ideas on the go with a full-featured studio

• Create music with three amazing-sounding instruments

• Craft banging beats, beautiful melodies and deep basslines

• Discover and play sounds made by world-class artists and music producers

• Connect with other music apps

• Take your tracks further with Reason Lite, the desktop studio you can download for free with Reason Compact

• Carry your easy-to-use pocket music studio with you everywhere

Get started with Reason Compact for free, then add new sounds and more options only when you’re ready to take it to the next level.


Create banging beats

• Start making fantastic beats from scratch or choose between a range of pre-made drum beats for quick beat making, designed for different modern music genres
• Choose among 16 free inspirational drumkits
• Play the easy-to-use drum pads
• Give your beats your personal touch by exploring all the different effects
• Make beats with the Rytmik drum machine to create unique rhythms
• Sequence and build patterns in the drum grid

Make amazing melodies and basslines

• Create melodies with Europa, a cutting-edge synthesizer
• Get your basslines going with the Monotone Bass Synthesizer
• Play lush synth chords with a single key using the Chords tool
• Play melodies and basslines with the smart keyboard that helps you always stay in key and never hit the wrong note
• Discover and play sounds made by world-class artists and music producers
• Draw notes and polish your performance with the MIDI note grid
• Mix your tracks and play with the built-in effects and controls to dial in your perfect sound
• Add depth and texture to your tracks using distortion, delay, and reverb effects

Take yourself to the next level

• Start soft and unlock new features, sounds and controls only when you are ready
• Learn more about the fantastic world of music making and instruments with the easy to understand explainers in the app
• Play with an external MIDI keyboard if that is more your thing
• Collaborate with other music makers and artist in real-time using Ableton Link
• Connect Reason Compact with other music apps using Audiobus or Inter-app Audio
• Get a better understanding of a DAW to take your music further on desktop
• Export your tracks to Reason Lite, the desktop studio you can download for free with Reason Compact, and continue your work


• iOS 11


Versie 2.1

• New bass sounds in Monotone Classics
• Bug fixes (drum labels in drum grid for iPad, export wav-files etc.)
• Updates how the project looks when opening it in Reason desktop

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4.4 van 5
59 beoordelingen

59 beoordelingen

thatyger ,

Potential but not there yet

Update: midi is a thing now, so you can use a controller... to play notes... no midi learn that I can find for knobs. Step in the right direction though and it shows that they listen to feedback.

Shows enough promise for me to have committed to buying the app.

One thing that I find really weird though is that you can’t save patches on your iPad. That just doesn’t make any sense to me. The engine is sweet though and without the demo resetting your settings you can do some really cool stuff.


Demo is really limited by the annoying pop ups that come at you at any page change making it impossible to actually play around with it and demo it. Would be less annoying if it came up every 30 seconds :l

No midi in is the real killer though and sequencing is limited to one pattern. So you’ll have to either make a project for every pattern or you have to play on a touch screen, which honestly isn’t a great experience.

Sound engine looks interesting but without easy manipulation (midi could fix this) it just doesn’t click. Flipping between pages non stop isn’t a great workflow sadly.

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Hi! Have you tried the new version where we added midi in? Kind regards, Hanna

Tososha ,

What reason?

How can you call this reason? All that can be done is creation of a singular 2 measure loop fragment.
No multiple tracks with combined instruments. This software is by far nothing close to a real full blown musical creation app.
And it’s not impossible to make that. Look at Cubasis and Garageband. Propellerheads is so fixed on making money that this all you can come up with. You don’t give te power to the composer at all.

Andmetwo ,

Very badly managed, poor designed, unfinished product

Very badly managed, poor designed, unfinished product. Nothing is works in there, what is the point to bring out app which nobody can really use? Moreover, since I’ve downloaded it Propellerheads spamming me DAILY!!! I’ve received many email from it where they trying hard to promote it and asking me what I think of it, also showing some strange people (they’ve called ‘professionals’ making ‘award winning’ stuff on it)... Seriously? On what level of disgrace are you dear Propellerheads? Or let me put it this way, when did you hired all those low educated wannabes and why? Update. 25.12.2018. Ive just received a feedback from so called developer where they called me rude... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 The level of disgrace is much lower than I expected! Keep up!

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Sorry to say, but you are rude and come with non constructive feedback. /Hanna


Propellerhead Software AB
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Vereist iOS 11.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.



Beoordeeld 4+
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