Respawnables Heroes is a genre-defining tactical Hero Action game with the best graphics on mobile devices and thrilling PVP multiplayer 4v4 matches! Build your all-Stars Heroes team with their unique personality, skills and abilities, and play your way across multiple maps and game modes as you engage in jaw-dropping action!

Heroes defy the impossible. They bring Hope. They create change.
Heroes never quit. Heroes Respawn!

The world reached the feared RCP8.5, climate change worst scenario. Devastating wildfires, floods, and extreme weather events have put our planet at the brink of collapse, leaving the population in a situation of despair.

Not giving in to hopelessness, a group of young international scientists joined forces to try to find a solution to what it looked like the end of civilization.

Their round-the-clock efforts offered a gleam of hope when they found a way to stop the inevitable chain reaction that would wipe all life on earth.

Each character uses different Gear and has different powers and ways to use them, making it for a game with multiple possibilities and multiple ways to defeat your opponent.
Our heroes are heroes regardless of where they come from, how they look like, or which gender they are. And they are fighting to save the earth.

You play a unique, distinctive Hero, each with their own skills, personality, and design.
Test your strategic skills mastering different character’s abilities
Have fun mastering the different play styles with different characters in immersive maps.
Enjoy different ways to play against your opponent’s strategy and make moves to outsmart them!

Play synchronously with other Heroes around the world.
Put your skills to the test and compete to get truly valuable in-game rewards!
Real-Time PVP Matches filled with jaw-dropping action!

Many decisions behind every move. Respawnables Heroes combines both breadth and depth!
You will never get the same experience from one match to another: the individual interactions between the players in each game makes it different every time!
Many combinations of team compositions per team and per map. And it doesn’t include what will happen during the match!

Respawnables Heroes is a game designed by devs, but built for the players. Your feedback is valuable to us. To leave feedback visit here:

Note: You will need an internet connection to play Respawnables Heroes

Digital Legends™ , The Respawnables™ (Pocket Gamer Silver Award, 60 M Downloads and 2.5 Billion Matches) Afterpulse™ (recognized by Apple with the Editor's Choice award) and Respawnables Heroes™ are registered trademarks of Digital Legends Entertainment S.L.


Versie 2.7.0

Become your favourite Hero!
From now on, the character role assignation is no longer random on multiplayer game mode! To ensure your greatest experience, you won't have to select two possible roles before entering the lobby. Instead, enter the invasion area by selecting your favorite Hero you want to play with from the very beginning!

Wondering who is on your team?
Enjoy the visual Hero Board from game start cutscene, to know who is on your team and your opponent's, and outline your strategy from the very start!

Direct upgrading in Challenge!
We keep developing the interface usability. Find the direct link to upgrade your Hero and its equipment at the review panel that appears at the end of every Challenge match, the single-player game mode.

Team-up with your friends!
Friends and Squads are two great features in the game. Thus, we keep polishing and improving them to ensure the best performance!

New New New!
We have improved the notification system in the different menus. From now on, receive a notification icon only when you unlock a new Hero, skin, or equipment.

Balancing Heroes

• Barnie: We have doubled the healing effect when playing in tactical mode.
• Specter: We have increased the reload time by one second on the Lolipop equipment.

Beoordelingen en recensies

4.3 van 5
14 beoordelingen

14 beoordelingen

LucasKaas ,


I really wanna play claw grip, but since the controls aren’t able to change, I can’t. Please fix this

JW😴 ,


doesn’t work since recent update

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Hello! Sorry to hear that you are experiencing some issues in the game. Send an email to our support team so that we can take a look at it further. Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

Nxhxiisksksjjducoslal,Dj ,

Boring sound effects

The game is pretty fun to play and is wel thaught out buth my Phone gets really hot when playing.

Game looks great! Buth the sound effects are really boring in my opinion and Should be Made more intresting (would make the game more immersive to)

Best wishes to the developers <3

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Hi, thanks for your feedback! some phones may get warm while playing this is normal. If you feel it is excessive please let us know which device you are using by contacting us at: We also passed your comments about the sound effects to our design team.


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