Anna, Gunter, Zehra et al. all have companions, so why shouldn't you? ScytheKick is your sidekick for Scythe, the award winning board game from Stonemaier games (

ScytheKick has five main tabs:


Use this tab to randomize picking factions and player mats from the game, and select which players are Automa and which are human. Offers a repick option if the player doesn't want the random combination, or swipe up and down on the images to manually select. Swipe left and right to review what the other players got. Up to two players are supported. Additional players can be unlocked with the Premium upgrade, and Invaders from Afar factions are unlocked with the Invaders from Afar upgrade, both in the ScytheKick Store. This tab also sets up campaign episodes when the Rise of Fenris Expansion is unlocked.


Use this tab to randomly pick the tiles at the start of a game, like the Structure Bonus Tile. Extra Bonus Tiles from the Modular Board, Resolution and Airship Tiles can be unlocked with the Wind Gambit Expansion, and Mods from the Rise of Fenris Expansion can be unlocked, all from the ScytheKick Store.


For solo mode or additional AI opponents, this tab creates a page for each Automa opponent (with all four difficulty levels available). Use the buttons to draw turn cards, combat cards or discard and advance the star tracker, or optionally double tap to draw and dismiss cards. Automatically reshuffles and flips from Scheme I to Scheme II. One Automa opponent is available in the Preview mode of the app. Additional decks can be unlocked with the Premium upgrade in the ScytheKick Store. Use the Automa Helper (gameboard icon) to solve Automa movement via an upgrade from the ScytheKick Store. Swipe up or tap the map button to bring it up. On compatible devices, view the Automa movement in augmented reality using the AR Board Upgrade.


On this tab, you can simplify end game scoring when counting stars, territories and resources, coins and structure bonuses. Tap the numbers to update the values, and tap the icons to move to the next category. Swipe left and right to move between factions if a match has been set up in the Faction Picker. Automatically divides the resources by two, so just enter the number you have.


Includes settings for:
* Manage In-App Purchases in the ScytheKick Store
* Online user guide.
* Adjustable volume
* Disable screen locking when Automa is in use
* Choosing whether Automa are friendly to other Automa players for the Automa Helper solver. Choose if Active Airship Variant is used. Select the board size for the AR Board.
* Smooth Popularity Track mode awards coins not just based on the three tiers on the Popularity Track, but interpolates linearly between each level and also counts odd numbers of resources. Scores at popularity 3, 9 and 15 score as normal, but scores higher and lower increase and decrease. For example, scores between popularity of 6 and 7 are closer with the setting mode on.

ScytheKick is an unofficial companion to the board game Scythe, produced with permission of the game designer. Scythe is a trademark of Stonemaier LLC. Content and art is reproduced with permission. Special thanks to Jamey Stegmaier, Jakub Rozalski, Kai Starck, Ryan Lopez DeVinaspre, Morten Monrad Pederson, David Studley and Lines Hutter.


Versie 4.1.1

Fixes in 4.1.1
* Correct an issue where the AR Board Upgrade IAP was not properly detected.

Features in 4.1
* Support for the new Structure Bonus Tiles from the Scythe Modular Board, available via a new in-app purchase.
* Fix for a crash on older iOS devices when swiping up on the Automa Helper map.
* Fix animation dismissing combat card on iOS 13.

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AR Board Upgrade
Automa Helper in Augmented Reality
€ 2,29
Automa Helper Upgrade
Shows Automa movement on a gameboard screen.
€ 3,49
Premium Upgrade
Unlocks multiple factions and Automa
€ 4,49
The Wind Gambit Expansion
Airships and Resolutions support.
€ 2,29


Timothy Cherna
183.5 MB

Vereist iOS 9.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.



In-app aankopen
  1. Premium Upgrade € 4,49
  2. Automa Helper Upgrade € 3,49
  3. Invaders from Afar Expansion € 1,09


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