Seclore empowers you with unrivalled Data-Centric Security for files shared with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Only authorized users get access to your confidential information even when it is shared with partners and service providers outside your enterprise network.
Protecting enterprise information with Seclore also significantly reduces the risk of data leakage from files shared via cloud-based services or accessed on mobile devices.

Seclore Rights Management provides information controls across the following dimensions for all file formats:
· WHO: Users or groups that can access your information
· WHEN: Date and time when the information can be accessed
· WHERE: Devices and network locations where information can be accessed.

Additionally, Seclore provides granular permission controls on specific file formats (as mentioned below).
· WHAT: viewing, editing, copying, printing, screen grabbing etc.

The following file formats are opened within the Seclore app itself:
· pdf
· doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx
· csv, rtf, txt
· png, bmp, jpeg, jpg, gif, tiff, tif
· odt, ods, odp
· smail (Seclore’s secure email format)

All other formats need to be opened in the Seclore app first and then opened in any other app that supports that format. The Seclore app will first validate the user’s credentials and then open the file in the other app.


Versie 3.6.0000

1. Introducing support for opening protected files of any format on iOS devices.
a. Until now, only specific formats (called Advanced Protection) were supported that would open with WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE controls.
b. Now, any file format can be opened (protected with Universal Protection) with WHO, WHEN and WHERE controls.
c. Universal Protection formats need to be first opened in the Seclore app to validate the user’s credentials and then choose any other app that supports that specific format.
d. Requires Policy Server 3.8 or higher.
2. Fixed the issue where password protected files could not be opened. The app now prompts the user for the password and then opens the file.
3. Discontinued support for iOS 10 and 11.
4. Other bug fixes.


Seclore Technology Pvt. Ltd.
7.1 MB

Vereist iOS 11.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.


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