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Adriaan de Jongh

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A party game for 4 or more players who are all in the same room wearing headphones. Kind of like silent disco, but with games!

The Secret Shuffle app synchronizes the music to up to 60 (!!) players so you can play one of 10 games together:
- Split: half of the players dance to the same music – find each other.
- Fakers: guess what player doesn't hear any music but is faking it. (This is the most popular game in our app; a social deduction game known as ‘mafia dance’ among Kpop fans!)
- Pairs: find the one other player dancing to the same music.
- Statues: freeze when the music pauses.
… and many more!

The games are fun to play with friends, coworkers, family, colleagues, and even with strangers as an icebreaker. Each of the game’s rules are explained right before a round starts, so even if some in your party are young humans or very old humans, we're fairly certain they'll figure it out. Make sure to player Fakers as it's generally people's favorite game – and if you're daring, try out the slightly more challenging game Fakers++.

Music in Secret Shuffle comes in the form of 'music packs'. Streaming services unfortunately wouldn't allow us to stream music to our app, but we're certain there's something for everyone in the music packs we designed. The app contains more than 20 music packs including:
- genre packs with hip hop, disco, rock, and many more.
- era packs with music from the 60s, 80s, and 90s.
- world packs with music from Europe, US, UK, and Latin America
- various seasonal packs such as a Halloween and Christmas pack.

The free version of Secret Shuffle includes:
- 3 games: Split, Pairs, and Groups.
- 1 music pack: Mixtape: My First.

The full version of Secret Shuffle, which is unlocked when you or anyone in your party has purchased the ‘Unlock Everything For Everyone’ in-app purchase, includes:
- 10 games: Split, Fakers, Pairs, Leader, Groups, Statues, Possessed, Fakers++, Tree Huggers, and Speaker.
- 20+ music packs: 3 mixtape packs, 4 world tour packs, 3 era packs, 4 genre packs, 3 sound effect packs, and various seasonal and holiday packs.
- All future games and music pack updates.
- Advanced options to make rounds longer, play more rounds in a single game, and disable the explanation at the start of each game.

Secret Shuffle requires all players to download the app, wear headphones, and stay connected to the internet. You’ll also need between 4 and 60 players to play any of the games.


Versie 1.6

- Minor technical improvements.
- Improved screenshots.

Beoordelingen en recensies

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232 beoordelingen

232 beoordelingen

Jointy87 ,

Great stuff!

I laughed so hard with this game! Everyone I played with went all out and it was great to see everybody loosen up this way. Really a great way to have fun with a group of people and get closer together.

RoyalWizness ,

Great app, so much fun

It takes a while to connect and the UX is a little off sometimes (are you ready? Get ready!) but once ur playing it sooo much fun. Great app, love it!!

maltokano ,

Super fun!!

Played it a few times now with bigger and smaller groups and laughed a lot. Most modes are super fun, others are extra exciting with an element of performance. The sound packs are hilarious!

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

thank you!! wonderful to hear.


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