If you choose the notepad app "Simple Notes"! It is a simple yet high-performance and easy-to-use note pad.
We made a simple and the most convenient notebook app that can be backed up without account registration, without monthly charges.
If you want to manage notes, please download and try the best notes app!


■ Photos on notebook (up to 15 photos)
You can put up to 15 photos and images on one note. You can paste photos taken from the camera roll and saved images. Of course you can also take pictures with the camera and paste them on the spot.

■ Folder
You can create folders and manage notes. The folder can be colored with easy to remember in 24 colors.

■ Calendar
This app has a calendar screen, and notes will be displayed on the date you put notes. It is useful because you can search from the calendar.

■ Photo album
A list of photos pasted on the note is displayed. It is convenient because you can search from photos and images.

■ Passcode lock
You can lock this app with a password, so if you do not want people to see it, you can lock it securely. Of course, it also supports the Face ID and Touch ID.

■ Font style
You can change the font style of the text that looks like a note. There are 12 fonts in all, so you can change it to a cute font or a cool font like a novel.

■ Theme colors
The theme colors and app icons are all 23 colors, so you can change them into cute themes and cool themes. Not only can you design the app, you can also change the app's icon on the home screen. It is a function unique to this app equipped with the latest functions.

■ Data backup ・ Data output for PC
You can back up important notes and notes data. You can save important data to iTunes Cloud or PC. Please see the in-app help page for details.
You can even transfer data to other apps (eg, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.). Since RTFD files can be output, they can be saved with photos. Although this data output function is a paid premium function, it can be backed up for free.

■ iCloud backup
Apart from data backup, there is an iCloud backup function.
You can use this to sync with your iPhone or iPad. It is convenient to see the notes from either terminal. Even if your iPhone suddenly breaks down one day, it is safe if you save the data to iCloud, and you can restore the data when you use the new iPhone again.

■ Search
You can search notes conveniently. Important notes etc. can be conveniently retrieved later by leaving something like a tag with a symbol such as "#Important" in the note.

■ Adjustment of character font
You can also reduce or increase the size of the text on the note, and you can adjust the color intensity and line spacing of the text.
Even for people who are small, unreadable, and hard to type, you can use a fairly large font size for peace of mind.

■ Ad Removing
Unlike other apps that have to pay monthly, this app will permanently hide the ad once it is charged. Even if you delete the app or change the model of iPhone or iPad, once you charge, you can delete the ad without charging again.

【Help, Contact Us】
From the app settings screen, please see "Help / FAQ". If you do not know well even if you see this help, please contact from "Inquiries / Feedback" from the setting screen in the app. Or, tap the App Support below on this screen, and I hope you get in touch.
Even if you write an app review, it will take some time to reflect it, so we can not respond quickly. Please inquire from the above app.


Versie 1.6.4

* Bug fixes and improvements.


De ontwikkelaar, Komorebi Inc., heeft aangegeven dat volgens de toepassing van het privacybeleid van de app gegevens kunnen worden beheerd zoals hieronder staat beschreven. Ga voor meer informatie naar het privacybeleid van de ontwikkelaar.

Gegevens die worden gebruikt om je te volgen

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  • Identificatie­methode
  • Gebruiks­gegevens

Niet aan jou gekoppelde gegevens

De volgende gegevens worden mogelijk verzameld, maar zijn niet gekoppeld aan je identiteit:

  • Aankopen
  • Identificatie­methode
  • Gebruiks­gegevens
  • Diagnostiek

Toepassing van het privacybeleid kan variëren op basis van bijvoorbeeld de functies die je gebruikt of je leeftijd. Lees meer


  • Delen met gezin

    Tot zes gezinsleden kunnen deze app gebruiken als Delen met gezin staat ingeschakeld.

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