NFC is supported on iPhone 7 or newer only; iPad and iPod Touch do have the hardware to interact with NFC tags.


Read, write, interact, and hack your NFC tags on your supporting iPhone!

Smart NFC is one of the first apps to support native NFC writing directly from your device. With numerous custom records to get you started, you'll be writing to most NDEF-formatted NFC tags in no time.

Tag-specific features are being added that allow you to edit a tag's memory directly, which opens the doors to all kinds of new features!

An NFC tag is written with a single "Message" which contains any number of "Records." These records define text, links, and data to be stored on the tag. A chip is only limited only by its size. As long as the chip is NDEF-formatted (most are, and other formats will be supported in a later version) and it has enough space, the limits are endless!

- Read, write, duplicate, erase, and permanently lock NDEF-formatted tags
- Monitor a tag's max capacity (usually somewhere between 256-1024 Bytes)
- Read, write, and interact with links (https://, sms://, facetime://, mailto:, etc.)
- Write a variety of pre-defined Social Media and website records
- Read and write text records with multiple language localizations
- Use Background Tag Reading to interact with NFC tags without an app. Write a link to a tag and then tap it to your phone. Voila! (Supported on iPhone XS and newer)
- Review and rewrite previous messages from your History to another tag
- Format factory-programmed tags as NDEF tags in-app
- Read and write directly to a tag's memory
- And of course, target your users better by using a tag's unique identifier

- Supports Dark Mode on iOS 13 and later
- Privacy: We collect none of your information. The only network calls made when using this app are from links that you read from tags

Supported Devices:
- NFC scanning is available on iPhone 7 and newer. iPad and iPod Touch do not have the required hardware.
- Background Tag Reading is available on iPhone XS and newer. iOS will present a notification for the first valid link stored on a tag.

Future features:
I have multiple features planned for future releases. Here's a sample to get you started. Read out via Twitter @0xA1EC with any ideas or suggestions!
- View and edit a tag's memory via UTF-8 and binary, in addition to HEX
- Include a tag's ID and/or its read count in a record
- Password-protect an NFC chip
- Join a Wireless WiFi network
- Connect to a Bluetooth device


Versie 1.1.1

Yo dawg, I heard you like to scan NFC tags...so we made it so you can scan your NFC tags while you're scanning your NFC tags!

- Quickly start reading and writing tags with quick action. Use Haptic Touch (or Force Touch) on the Smart NFC icon to get started!
- Or if that's not your style, write a new Smart NFC (deep) link record to your tag so you can scan a tag to start scanning tags. Ahem. Two new deep link records were added: start reading, or start writing. You can scan these links from your home screen on iPhone XS and newer to get started.


Alec O'Connor
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Vereist iOS 13.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.


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