Hurry up to be the first!

Immerse yourself in an epic race full of obstacles and test your reflexes while competing with other players. Explore different worlds, perform spectacular maneuvers, use powerful objects to smash your friends and get to the finish line first!
Smash Monkeys takes the legendary form of PvP racing games and adds a new competitive, multiplayer dimension to a platform level.


Each year the most important event is celebrated, the Smash Race, a race where the most powerful Smashers in the world compete to be the best while facing other competitors. A demonstration of strength, speed and agility where there can only be one champion.

Join our Smashers and dash the progress of your rivals up to the finish line to win incredible rewards.


The protagonists of the races are the Smashers, they look like a friendly pet, but be careful when their animal instincts take over them. Discover the huge diversity of Smashers that exists in the world of Smash Monkeys!

Find the one that defines you the most and customize it with the different available skins to win the brawl: shark, mummy, samurai... and many more! In addition, you can equip your character with different animations at the beginning and end of the races.


- Bananarang: throw it and hit, but beware! It comes back like a boomerang!
- Lightning: stuns all competitors from any position.
- Trap: leave this trap strategically to block an opponent.
- Hook: help yourself to climb or drag your rival with this object
- Bananarang (x3): throw three boomerang bananas, there’s no escape from these forces.
- Bombonut: destroy and stun your rivals with this coconut bomb.
- Shield: an energy armour that blocks the next attack from your opponent.
- Star: use this object to get a temporary sprint.
- Fist: stun your rivals with this super punch with momentum.
- Rocket: jump on it and leave your rivals behind, drives automatically.
- UFO: absorbs the rival in the first position and all those who try to cross it.
- Missile: a homing missile that chases the player just in front.


- City: Run and compete amongst the urban chaos! Break cars, climb buildings, glide on treacherous zip lines and use shortcuts such as pipe systems and sewers to cross the finish line first. Careful with the subway!

- Jungle: Welcome to the jungle! Your mission is to escape from the temple of doom. Use the rain forest vines and wooden ramps to speed up your pace, rush through the woodland and be wary of the spike traps if you wouldn’t want to get stuck in…forever.

- Pyramids: Race between pyramids! Try not to get crushed by the giant rolling stones, move between passages, don't let the quicksand stop you, and be very careful where you step, because you can activate secret traps and end up in a sarcophagus.

Smash Monkeys is a take on parkour battles in a world of action and adventure that you cannot miss. Clash your rivals and make it to the finish line. You’ll have fun!

Future upgrades

- More than 10 worlds!
- Different online events and game modes!
- New game modes: team duel, sudden death and race against time!
- Competitive system: climb the leader boards and challenge the best players in the world!
- Battle Pass!

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