SN Utils 4+

Arnoud Kooi

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Current features:
- Slashcommands type in /help to know more about this feature
- Show technical names: Show useful info like choice value and name next to labels.
- Search updatesets in progress, view list and set current.
- View your last 20 updates, browse to related record. (Admin role only)
- Node switching.
- Search tables and open list, dictionary or schema map.
- View the data and columns of the current record in a table (similair to view XML)
- Select a (abstract) username, view details of user.
- Provide (context aware) links to relevant places.
- Ability to popin, popout, or copy a tab. (also via context menu)
- Generate GlideRecord template, based on list
- Save record with CTRL-S / CMD-S
- Rightclick to go to Scriptinclude, table or search
- Paste a clipboard image to any record with CTRL-V / CMD-V
- CMD / CTRL Click in a form on element labels, to build conditions and open list
- Support for Studio
- Context menu code snippets and links

There are no assets required on your instances.



## (2023-03-11)
Fixes / changes:
- Change /plug command to use the Plugins UI Page
- Fixed typo in inject.js syparm_refkey to sysparm_refkey to support non sys_id ref button doubleclicks
- Hide review request on scriptsync page
- Update for the checkisservicenowinstance Safari check.
- Added .do to the Mobile Studio links
- Remove outdated comment
- Added /bgl to generate scipt template (Earlier annouced but was missing)
- Excluded true/false fields from scriptsync buttons.

## (2023-03-06)
Fixes / changes:
- Add message to the who the heck edited button (wthetb), in case it is a new record.
- include name in the /u command fields
- Add slash command links for created / updated / version to the "wthetb"
- Removed the setting "Prevent loss of work when scope is switched from another tab" as it could cause issues

## (2023-03-01)
Fixes / changes:
- Bugfix diffviewer #370

## (2023-02-28)
Fixes / changes:
- Monaco editor better parsing of RGB values with spaces in JSON CSS
- Monaco diff editor: In case of uncomitted update show current version in left pane (Issue #370)
- Prevent double Technical Names on variables in portal
- Added link to sys_script_execution_history on BG script

## (2023-02-18)
Fixes / changes:
- Removed function / setting "Allow saving metadata after scope has changed"


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