"Solar System Builder 4 Kids AR is a terrific app to have. Whether you truly want to learn about the stars and planets, read funny jokes about space or want to create your own dynamic solar system, this app provides the perfect augmented reality environment to do just that! You'll be able to explore and learn, and have fun at the same time, all through the magic of AR."

• This is the first app of its kind in which you can create your own complete solar system with orbital physics in an augmented reality environment providing a fun experience and an educational opportunity alike.

• With real world augmented reality tracking, you can now place stars/planets/moons/whole solar systems in orbit in your own bedroom/classroom/outside environment. You can move around and study your creation, send objects into orbit from far away or up close at different velocities and watch the magic happen.

• There are lots of stars/planets/moons to play around with besides the ones in our solar system. Explore what other alien worlds might look like with special artist depictions of far away planets!

• Solar System Builder 4 Kids AR brings a great opportunity for parents and educators alike to get kids interested in the inner workings of our grand universe. Visualize how gravity effects all things around us, learn how stellar objects orbit each other and learn useful information about all the different types of bodies available in the cosmos, all while providing a fun and engaging experience.


• Move objects around even after they are placed in orbit and study the effects.

• Complete physics simulation of the motion of celestial objects as influenced by gravity.

• Orbital trails(optional) to visualize the effects the gravitational pull has.

• A total of 35 celestial bodies to choose from when you design your universe(the planets and moons in our solar system included).

• Possibility to create a static solar system for up close studying of planets, moons and stars.

• Select an object and learn more about it in the information tab available.

• Great educational opportunity for teachers and parents alike to teach kids about the objects in cosmos, gravity and orbits, in a fun way.

• No ads or annoying pop-ups for a smooth experience.


Versie 1.3

Improved HD Models and Bug Fixes


Mihai Ghiserel
89.6 MB

Vereist iOS 11.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (1e generatie), iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2e generatie), 12,9‑inch iPad Pro, 12,9‑inch iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellular, 9,7‑inch iPad Pro, 9,7‑inch iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad (5e generatie), iPad (5e generatie) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, 12,9‑inch iPad Pro (2e generatie), 12,9‑inch iPad Pro (2e generatie) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, 10,5‑inch iPad Pro, 10,5‑inch iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad (6e generatie), iPad Wi‑Fi + Cellular (6e generatie), 11‑inch iPad Pro, 11‑inch iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellular, 12,9‑inch iPad Pro (3e generatie), 12,9‑inch iPad Pro (3e generatie) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad mini (5e generatie), iPad mini (5e generatie) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad Air (3e generatie), iPad Air (3e generatie) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, iPad (7e generatie), iPad (7e generatie) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, 11‑inch iPad Pro (2e generatie), 11‑inch iPad Pro (2e generatie) Wi‑Fi + Cellular, 12,9‑inch iPad Pro (4e generatie), 12,9‑inch iPad Pro (4e generatie) Wi‑Fi + Cellular en iPod touch (7e generatie).



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