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Speech Codes are the latest generation of data codes for modern smartphones.

Listen to sights: monuments, historic city centers, hiking trails, open air museums, show gardens - enjoy the attractions with your free, individual audio guide.

Let products talk: Package inserts, instructions for use, food labels with individual allergy warnings, signage and any other printed information become easy to read and hear - barrier-free for all.

Colours and high density enable Speech Codes to contain the entire information within the code - unchangeable and unforgeable. The apps' untrackable offline scan guarantees data privacy and zero roaming fees.

The Speech Code app features the patented audible ScanGuidance, navigable text display and speech output in over 40 languages. Making Speech Codes accessible for all people with visual impairments, reading deficiencies or language barriers.

Start looking out for Speech Codes or generate your own at www.speechcode.eu

Speech Code Features:

Data accuracy - The encoded text is displayed on your smartphone with 100% accuracy.
Data privacy - The Speech Code app works offline, which makes tracking impossible.
Data protection - The 8-digit pin protection can turn a Speech Code into a data safe.
Zero costs - To avoid roaming fees you decide whether and when to connect to a website link or a phone number.
Languages - For the speech output choose your favourites from a selection of over 40 languages by Nuance™.
Accessibility - The audio ScanGuidance and the navigable speech output enable visually impaired people to self-reliantly access printed information via Speech Codes.


Versie 2.4.0

Changelog 2.4:
+) Accessible player for activated VoiceOver

Changelog 2.3.1:
+) RSA encryption implemented
+) NFC reader for NFC Speech Tags implemented

Changelog 2.3.0:
+) Authentication Labels decoder implemented

Changelog 2.2.3 - new features for ProductLabels:
+) Pause feature for 1-2-3 instructions
+) parametrisable links
+) phonemisable parameters
+) Saveability

Changelog 2.2.2:
+) Hebrew support for Product Label

Changelog 2.2.1:
+) bug fixes

Changelog 2.2:
+) scanner enhanced, especially for smaller codes
+) crosshair indentation and zoom adjustable

Changelog 2.1:
+) new Vocalizer engine
+) new and better voices
+) added support for Hebrew, Bulgarian and Hindi

Changelog 2.0:
+) New design by Bluesource
+) Cam scanner redesigned in portrait mode
+) Print quality report with email delivery
+) Flash light settings simplified
+) Quick access bar added
+) Vibration feedback
+) Reader portrait mode support
+) New tutorial for barrier-free access
+) Reorganisation of scanned Codes/Tags


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