After coaches, assistants, teachers or parents recorded (HD) video, split times, underwater times and stroke counts can be captured. This provides swimmers and coaches with generated race analysis. Calculated times and water speed derived by captures from video recording. Coaches feedback can be evaluated based upon the unique generated Charts.

The following functionalities are included:

- Example data (25m) included (removed by loading video)
- Simple and straight forward User Interface
- Independent of systems of measurement (meter and yards interchangeable)
- Entries (saved in list) can be deleted by swiping
- Entries will be cleared by loading a new video
- Captured split time and video time visible
- Entries in list are sorted before Charts are displayed
- This way editing afterwards which results in different ordered entries is no problem
- Split times can be captured in one step
- Slider functionality to move faster forward/backwards in the video
- Distance is quickly adjustable, in steps of 5 meter/yards
- One overview with all captured split times and distances
- Stroke count can be captured and adjusted with simple buttons
- Lane count can be captured and adjusted with simple buttons
- Lane count automatically adjusted with change of distance
- Underwater time can be captured
- Stroke count and Underwater time can be saved afterwards
- Dark mode supported
- Drawing tools to determine more accurate measuring points
- Sound button

Video specific:
- Video's can be loaded by selecting one from the video library
- Video's are loaded in the highest available quality. In this way capturing times is best possible
- Playback functionality by play, pause, stop button and a slider
- Adjustable playback speed
- Slowmotion touch-bar

- Full screen view by zoom button for each Chart
- Charts can be saved to camera roll. This way results can be shared.
- Charts axis scales automatically
- Linechart with 25m/25yd split times
- Linechart with 50m/50yd split times
- Linechart with total turn time for each turn
- Linechart with time to wall for each turn
- Linechart with time from wall for each turn
- Linechart with velocity for last 10m/10yd to wall
- Barchart with overview of two different distance parts
- Linechart with stroke frequency
- Linechart with efficiency (distance per stroke)
- Barchart with underwater time to 15 meter

- Extensive help available within app
- Help available to support registering split times
- Help available to understand and interpret the Charts
- Underwater background image

Implemented in another 'heavy' app version;
- Save Charts to pdf
- Load video's from external sources
- Save data in database
- Save data by saving name swimmer, date, name race, distance
- Compare races
- Compare race with fastest race
- Search results by name, distance, date
- Mail results


Versie 1.3.6

Some improvements:
- Orientation change implemented to redraw views
- Drawing tool default color changed to red
- Bottombar also visible in landscape orientation
- Save SwimCharts improvement


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