Whether you're on a short trip to Thailand, working with Thais, or studying the Thai language in-depth, this is the one dictionary you can really use. 195,000+ entries (250,000+ translations), plus a built-in phrasebook with 300+ categories and 12,000+ words and full-text searchable, ready-to-use customizable phrases. Clear native sound recordings for every Thai word—even offline. Favorites screen lets you organize words/phrases in multiple folders. Includes both pronunciation guides (12 different systems) and Thai Script with the Thai and English text as big as you want. Includes a guide to speaking and writing Thai and other mind-blowing features for exploring the Thai language—nothing else even comes close!

== Listen to Any Thai Word

Touch any Thai word/phrase in any of our 195,000+ entries to hear a high-quality sound recording of a native speaker, not a toneless gravelly robot as found in other software—more than 29 hours of studio-recorded sound included. Long-press to hear 2x/4x slow playback with no change in pitch.

== No Connection Required and No Data Charges

Works even when you're in a taxi or a countryside street market and not connected to the internet: all entries and sounds are stored right on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and you will incur no data charges when you use the app.

== Big Text and Clear, Clean Layout

Make the Thai and English text as big as you want—no more reading glasses! Easily scroll through multiple, complete definitions on the screen at once. Customize layout.

== A Dictionary Crafted for Those Learning Thai

Unlike typical dictionaries based on low-quality, free internet data meant for Thai natives, our superb dictionary entries are hand-crafted by Paiboon Publishing with your needs in mind: if you're not familiar with the Thai alphabet, you can even look up Thai words by their sound using an easy-to-read pronunciation guide system (12 popular systems are supported). Hear somebody say "sa nuk?" Type "sa nuk" to find out what it means. All Thai words in every section are written using both Thai Script and your chosen pronunciation guide system(s).

Unlike dictionaries meant for Thais, we clarify critical shades of Thai word meaning and formality using English explanations, we list crucial Thai classifiers for more than 60,000 noun entries, and we even notate syllable stress.

== Built-In Phrasebook

Beginner or advanced, communicate in Thai easily! 12,000+ phrasebook entries in 300+ categories like “Language Difficulties,” “Hotel,” “Renting a Place,” “Food/Drink,” “Price Haggling,” “Transportation,” “Health,” “Shopping,” “Sightseeing,” “Love/Romance/Sex” and even “Swearing/Insults.” Two-way conversational format helps both of you communicate.

== Introduction to Thai Included

More than just a dictionary, our software includes a comprehensive, interactive introduction to the Thai language, including a "Speaking and Understanding" section with clickable sounds and detailed grammar coverage, and a "Reading and Writing" section with all the consonants and vowels in multiple, real-world fonts.

== Unique Thai Learning Tools

This app is loaded with amazing, industry-first Thai learning tools. You can touch any word to find out which component Thai words it's made from: a great way to learn new words quickly. You can see any Thai word written in multiple real-word fonts you are likely to see on signs and menus. You can touch any Thai word to see a detailed interactive breakdown of how to pronounce each syllable (with clickable sounds that let you compare nearby sounds) or see a detailed visual explanation of its Thai spelling—indispensable for learning how to read and write Thai.

Nothing like this has ever appeared in any dictionary software on any platform.

== Buy ThaiDict Now!

Don't go another day without this indispensable tool! Enjoy free lifetime upgrades as we add more vocabulary and more features. Our website has more screen shots and much more information.


Versie 2.3

IMPORTANT: Please update your App Store reviews! Accurate ratings keep upgrades coming.
NOTE: If you prefer the old (pre-2.0) Alphabetical search interface instead of the new full-text Power search interface, just touch the magnifying glass icon at the top of the Search screen! See "Help" > "Using the App" > "Search" for full details.
VERSION 2.3 adds some cool new features and fixes:
- Real-World fonts fits more on-screen and lets you show/hide to focus on your desired fonts
- Explain Spelling help links bring you right to that vowel/consonant in Help
- Paiboon Keyboard key label size now adjustable
- Refined layout of UI for consistency with iOS 10
- More icons in Categories and Search for easier browsing
- Corrected capitalization of 2,100 scientific names
- Restores compatibility with iOS 5/6 and fixes iOS 7 rotation bug
- Several smaller fixes (see Help > Software Versions > 2.2/2.3)
- Added privacy policy in Help and on
- App Icon: 3-color ying-yang-yong back by popular demand!
VERSION 2.0 was a MASSIVE upgrade, more than three years in the making, including
- thousands of new Thai words and phrases suggested by you: now 195,000+ dictionary entries, up from 150,000+
- a new built-in phrasebook with 12,000+ complete, ready-to-use customizable phrases divided into 300+ practical categories like "Hotel," "Ordering Food," "Renting a Place," and "Price Haggling"
- a Favorites feature that lets you save and organize words and phrases you are learning in multiple folders
- full-text search that lets you find words in the middle of phrases (meaning that our new phrasebook also provides a rich source of sample sentences for many words), or you can choose the traditional alphabetical search from 1.x apps too.
- a built-in talking, translating currency and units converter that makes haggling in the market and shopping for land and hardware a breeze
- new "Explain Sound" support to help you get the most of Thai Sound search
- ability to hide pronunciation guides for those learning Thai Script
- an expanded Thai speaking and writing guide with new sections on date/time, grammar, and more
- a much more streamlined way to switch sections and keyboards simultaneously with one touch; both built-in and system (Apple, third-party) keyboards supported
- new auto-paste feature to save you touches when frequently copying words from other apps
- new "Copy Whole Entry" feature making it easy to export entries to flashcard and spreadsheet programs
- new "Custom URL Scheme" making it easy to launch our app from other apps and documents
As always, every word and phrase features a high-quality recording of a Thai native. Now you can even long-press to play Thai sounds 2x or 4x slow without any change in pitch.
There are so many new features that even experienced users should check out "Help" > "Five Minute Tour" and "Help" > "Software Versions" > "2.0"

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4.6 van 5
7 beoordelingen

7 beoordelingen

NomadEffie ,

Listen and repeat!

Best way to learn thai: listen and repeat! So nice to have all possible words in one app; my pocket paper dictionairy thai teacher :-) good features: put your favorites in folders; create conversations by combining the many different example sentences; use the search method and go to specific topics by clicking the search results.

Great app! I combine this one with pimsleur, nemo thai, and thaipod101 - thaidict is the mothership though!!

Benzai_san ,

Best app for learning thai

This is the best app you can find on Apple App Store for learning thai in my opinion. The list of thai words you can do a search for are very comprehensive and complete. The curated categories of phrases are well organised and useful to learn the basic grammer. If you are a more serious learner and you want to learn the thai alphabet, the help section offers good info. The fact that you can get a break down (explanation) of the spelling of each word, is very impressive and useful. Especially when you are learning the thai alphabet. It is hard enough to learn this and the app makes it easier. I use the app every day in my thai studies and I can highly recommend this app!!
P.s. Please update this app for iPhone X. :)
Thanks a lot for your hard work!

Edward Musschenga ,

This is how an English-Thai dictionary should be!!!

Calling this just an English-Thai (talking) dictionary is a gross understatement, as this app does so much more. I have bought many many books, CDs, iPhone apps to learn the Thai language, but this is the one you should buy. Please have also a look at the reviews of the previous version. The developers of the his app have done their utmost best to create a really perfect app, and other developer should take a good look as to what makes a perfect one!


Word in the Hand
643.4 MB

Vereist iOS 5.1.1 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.



Beoordeeld 12+ vanwege:
Soms/Milde seksuele content en naaktheid
Soms/Mild grof taalgebruik of grove humor
Soms/Milde medische/behandelingsinformatie
Soms/Milde volwassen/suggestieve thema’s
Soms/Mild alcohol-, tabaks- of drugsgebruik of referenties ernaar
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