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Gary Baranzini

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TCM Clinic Aid is a reference guide for practitioners and students of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncturist and Herbalist). It should not be used to diagnose ailments or diseases. Diagnosis should be done by a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist.


1. A Great Reference tool for the following TCM Disciplines:
A. Auricular Point, Acupuncture Points, Master Tung Points, and Wrist Ankle points:
- Acupuncture points and Auricular point are arranged by TCM categories and individually,
- Acupuncture points presented in "Big Picture" format,
- Images for all points.
B. Herbs and Herbal Formulas:
- Herbs and Formulas are arranged by TCM categories and individually,
- Includes images of individual herbs, both processed and herbs in their natural/raw state.
C. Diagnosis:
- Patterns by Internal Organs (Zang Fu) Etiologies,
- Four Levels Etiologies,
- Residual Pathogenic Etiologies,
- Six Stages Etiologies,
- Pulse Diagnosis.

2. Treatment Protocols:
- Build your own library of treatment protocols.
- Treatment protocols can contain:
a. Name and description,
b. Pulse and Tongue,
c. Herbs and Formulas used,
d. Auricular, Points, and Master Tung points used.
- All treatment protocols are searchable.

3. Browse or "drill down" through 1700+ acupuncture, auricular, Master Tung and Wrist Ankle points, herbs, formulas, and diagnosis etiology and pulses.

4. Extensive Search capabilities:
- All fields for all data records are searchable and you have full control over the fields to use in searches.
- Searching can be on:
a. Symptoms and indications,
b. Diagnosis etiologies searched by pathology name, i.e., 'Liver Yang Rising', suggested points, or suggested formulas,
c. Formula names searched by pinyin, english name, ingredients, western uses (western ailments it can treat),
d. Herb names searched by pinyin, english or botanical (latin),
e. Points searched by common name, i.e., 'LI4'.
- All search phrases are saved for quick access when running previous searches.

5. Create Favorite List:
- You can create multiple favorite lists for all the TCM disciplines (auricular, diagnosis, formulas, herbs, points, and Master Tung)
- These can be quickly activated/deactivate.
- Favorite lists can be used to seed the Quiz Yourself module.

6. Compare Items:
- Compare two auricular points, herbs, formulas, or diagnoses side-by-side,
- Compare points against points, or points against Master Tung points.

7. Add/Edit/Delete:
- Modify/edit system provide records,
- Add/edit/delete your own User provided records,
- Add an alternate image to any system provided or user provided record.

8. Extensive System Configuration:
- Change font and font size,
- Change master color scheme,
- Activate color coding of herb names by their temperature attribute,
- Change name display of lists of herbs, formulas, points, pulse, and master tung:
a. English or Pinyin with tonemarks (or Pharmaceutical for herbs),
b. Use simplified or traditional Chinese characters.
- Change searchable fields for each TCM table type (i.e., auricular, herbs, formulas, etc.),
- Database Maintenance - backup and restore your User database,
- plus, many more options.

9. Quiz Yourself:
- Test your knowledge on Auricular, Diagnoses, Herbs, Formulas, Points and Pulses information.
- Over 2000 possible tests, including:
a. Point and Auricular identification by Image, Location, Functions and Indication,
b. Herb identification by Image, Function, Indications and Category,
c. Formula identification by Herbs, Functions, Indications, Category, Diagnosis and Western Use,
d. Diagnosis by Etiologies,
e. Pulses by Description, Sensation and Indications.
- Many test allow you to test on identification by Pinyin, Chinese characters (simplified and traditional), or English name.


Versie 2.2.16

- Cleanup UI Issues.
- Minor Bug fixes.


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