Meet the all-new Things! A complete rethinking of the original, award-winning task manager – with a perfect balance between simplicity and power, incredible new features, delightful interactions, and a timeless new design.



If you’re new to Things, this is the basic workflow:

1. Collect Your Thoughts
Get things off your mind quickly: no matter what app you’re in, a keyboard shortcut instantly reveals Quick Entry. Type your thoughts and save them to the Inbox. Or just talk to Siri on any device (“Remind me to...”) and import from Reminders.

2. Get Organized
Create a project for each of your goals, then add the steps to reach them. For clarity, add structure with headings. Then group your projects by areas of responsibility, such as “Family”, “Work”, or “Health”. Review these regularly to stay on top of things.

3. Plan Your Time
See your calendar events alongside your to-dos and plan your time effectively. Create repeating to-dos for things you do every few days, weeks, or months – Things will remind you on the right day.

4. Make the Most of Your Day
Every morning, grab a coffee and prepare your list for “Today”: review previously planned to-dos and make quick decisions on what to tackle. Pick some more steps from your projects and then get going. The Today list is the only place you’ll need to look for the rest of the day.

5. Customize Your Workflow
Use tags to categorize your to-dos or add context. For example, tag places like “Office” or “Home”, or tag all your “Errands”, or everything you’re working on with “Kate”. You can easily find everything you’ve tagged via filtering or search.


1. It stays out of your way.
As you start using Things, you’ll quickly notice how seamlessly all the features fit together to give you an uncluttered, focused experience. There are no unnecessary frills. No pointless gimmicks or useless controls. In fact, you’ll hardly notice the app – it’s just you and your to-dos.

2. Everything revolves around your to-dos.
In Things, each of your to-dos are special. In a list, they simply show a checkbox and the title of your to-do. But when you open them, they extend into a beautiful white piece of paper that’s ready to hold your thoughts. Additional details (checklists, tags, reminders, deadline) are nicely tucked away in the corner until you need them.

3. It’s got a touch of magic.
Things removes friction in magical ways. As an example, take Type Travel, a remarkable new way to navigate your lists. You just start typing where you want to go – the name of any project, area, or to-do – and instantly you’re transported there. Or look at the Natural Date Input – just type “Tom(orrow)”, “Sat(urday)”, “in fou(r days)”, “Au(gust 1)”., and it will jump to all the right conclusions.

4. It’s got all the power of macOS.
Things is fully integrated with all the latest macOS technologies: Touch Bar, Today Widget, Calendars, Siri & Reminders, Share Extension, Handoff, and AppleScript.

5. And much more...
Everyone’s got their favorite feature, it’s impossible to list them all. See what our users love about Things – visit our website at:


This is a truly incredible update, with dozens of powerful new features. See the “What’s New” section below for a full list.


Get Things for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch and stay productive on the go (sold separately). The apps all stay updated via Things Cloud – the push sync service that we custom-built for Things.


If you have any questions, or run into any trouble – please contact us. We provide world-class, professional support for Things, and we’ll be glad to help you.


Versie 3.11.1

• Added support for pasting text as new to-dos under a selected project heading.
• The Touch Bar will now display buttons for all alerts.
• Improved Cmd+Up/Down arrow navigation in the Quick Find and Move popovers.
• Made the Show Logged Projects toggle, in the All Projects list, keyboard selectable.
• Restored printing page headers and footers via File > Print.
• Fixed date formatting in the Get Info dialog.
• Fixed the appearance of the Empty Trash and Log Now buttons in dark mode.
• Fixed visual glitches when toggling the toolbar on/off while a to-do was expanded.
• Fixed an issue where to-dos could lose their parent heading after being moved in the Anytime or Someday lists.
• Fixed an issue where Things windows could auto-deminiaturize in some scenarios (like date changes).
• Fixed an issue where the Inbox’s badge count wasn’t updated properly if logging was not set to immediately.
• Fixed an issue where the number of Later Projects in the sidebar wouldn’t update properly.
• Fixed several memory issues.

NEW IN 3.11

Hi everyone! Things 3.11 is here – a big update for the Quick Find feature with new ways to navigate the app and quickly view important data. We hope you’ll enjoy this update!


If you’ve been using Things for awhile, you’re probably quite adept at zipping around the app with Quick Find. For today’s release, we’ve added some handy new lists to navigate to.

To access these new lists, simply type their name into Quick Find:

• “Deadlines” – all your upcoming (or passed!) deadlines, neatly sorted.
• “Repeating” – all your repeating to-dos in one, convenient place.
• “Tomorrow” – a nice focused list to plan tomorrow, today.
• “All Projects” – an overview of all your big goals.
• “Logged Projects” – an overview of your past achievements.

While not technically a list, note that you can also type “Settings” (or “Preferences”) to quickly get there. No more digging for that Settings button!


• We’ve also made switching between lists even quicker: invoke Quick Find and you’ll now see all the lists you’ve recently viewed.
• And on iPhone or iPad you no longer need to scroll to the top of a long list to access Quick Find: just tap the list’s title for instant search.


• Quick Find now supports searching for projects’ headings and quickly navigating to them.


• See the exact date and time when a to-do or project was created or completed. On iOS, tap ••• > Share > Get Info. On Mac, go to Items > Get Info.
• When typing a date on systems set to a 12-hour clock, the parser now chooses AM/PM more intelligently (and offers both options in some cases).
• The following prefixes are now recognized as bullets and stripped out when pasting text into to-do lists or checklists: •, *, - [ ]
• Increased the sidebar width on larger iPad Pros to accommodate those longer project titles :)
• Added support for Cmd+click on links to open them in background. (Mac only)
• Inside Areas, new projects can now be inserted with a New Project button in the toolbar and TouchBar. (Mac only)


• Several bug fixes relating to drag and drop.
• Improved handling of changes to lists.
• Improvements for background execution.
• Other small bug fixes and improvements.

Check out our blog for all the latest news:

Beoordelingen en recensies

4.6 van 5
118 beoordelingen

118 beoordelingen

pjc90 ,

Very usefull

I have never really felt that I was able to organize my life as much as I can now that I use Things. Working 40 hours a week and being a full time student means that my schedule is always busy. I used to put everything on my calendar but that just wasn't working as it made my calendar very cluttered and using that method didn't allow me to have access to any organizational features.

Things has a beautiful and elegant user interface that I enjoy using. Its soft on the eyes and the animations throughout the app actually make you feel good completing your things that you have listed.

I can't recommend this app enough and you won't regret using it.

Saci112 ,

Overzichtelijke app, maar mist twee belangrijke functies

Things 3 is een overzichtelijke app met een perfect design. Ik was op zoek naar een no-nonsense app die origineel is. Hoewel het een prijzige app is vind ik het meer dan waard. HELAAS mis ik de functie om een een to-do lijst of taken uit te printen. Verder mis ik ook een manier om taken uit te delen aan anderen.

Cor Meskers ,

Dutch Nederlands iCloud

Heb net deze aangeschaft voor de Mac en voor iPhone appart. Jammer dat je zo op dubbele kosten wordt gezet. Grootste gemis is dat het niet in het Nederlands ook is. Dit zou alles zoveel makkelijker maken. Verder snap ik niet helemaal waarom er een eigen account moet komen voor een eigen Cloud versie, terwijl juist het voordeel van Apple is dat je alles via iCloud kan syncen!!! Dit is voor als nog een gemis. Verder moet ik alles nog even uitproberen, al had ik wel het idee dat het syncen tussen iets wat ik in de Mac intyp niet altijd direct overeenkomt op iPhone. Voor als nog 3 sterren puur omdat ik de bovenstaande zaken mis en het verder nog niet helemaal duidelijk is of alles werkt zoals ik het graag zou willen


Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
16.2 MB

macOS 10.13 of hoger, 64-bit processor


Duits, Engels, Frans, Italiaans, Japans, Russisch, Spaans, Trad. Chinees, Vereenv. Chinees

€ 54,99


  • Delen met gezin

    Tot zes gezinsleden kunnen deze app gebruiken als Delen met gezin staat ingeschakeld.

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