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This app will help you to release tension, find greater calm, improve your coordination and free up your breathing.

By listening to one of the 95 audio guides on the app you can find more ease in standing, walking, computer work, bending, music making, carrying a backpack, running, sleeping, speaking, biking.…you name it.

Benefits of the Alexander Technique:
- relief and prevention of neck-back-shoulder-pain, joint pain and RSI
- more inner calm, less stress, less tension
- balanced, upright, tense-free sitting and standing
- improved breathing
- more efficient and supple movements
- better learning and improved concentration
- more self confidence
- improved performance in music, drama and sport

The following 10 categories are included in this app:
1. The Basics (8 audio guides)
2. Lying down in active rest (12 audio guides)
3. Daily warm-up (13 audio guides)
4. Daily life activities (21 audio guides)
5. Breath & voice (7 audio guides)
6. Computer devices (7 audio guides)
7. Travelling (7 audio guides)
8. Music (14 audio guides)
9. Sport (9 audio guides)
10. Sleeping (5 audio guides)

Suppose you plan to work on your computer. Select the ‘computer devices’ category, then tap the ‘desktop computer’ audio guide and get help releasing unnecessary tension while working at your computer.

You can opt to repeat the audio guide if you would like to be reminded after 5 or 15 minutes.
It is also possible to fast forward or rewind as you wish.

This app offers six free audio guides:
- Reprogram your brain
- Stopping, the 'positive no'
- Lying down in active rest, long version 1
- Standing, freeing up your legs,
- Computer, short version
- Music, practising, general tips

And two free videos:
- What is Alexander Technique?
- Practical tips on lying down in active rest

For access to the entire collection of more than 95 audio guides, you can subscribe for a small monthly fee.

Have fun exploring….
and have fun creating new healthy habits for a lifetime!

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Versie 1.0.5

- new onboarding
- new Home Screen
- new audio guides
- new video

Beoordelingen en recensies

5,0 van 5
24 beoordelingen

24 beoordelingen

violenasop ,

So helpful

The voice of Maaike is so clear and warm that her words keep on sounding in my head in difficult situations on stage. Very valuable and helpful. Thank you, Maaike!

TootleDove ,


Such a great idea and app! I love having Maaike’s calm and reassuring voice guide me through my Alexander Technique time at home. I find the ‘active lying down rest’ particularly helpful. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in Alexander Technique and the benefits it can offer! Bravo & thank you!!

Doricookie ,

Unique app

I am very very happy with this app! I have used it everyday since I purchased the full version. It is not only a very helpfull guidance to my daily AT thoughts and practise but also an unique way to discover much more about the the Technique! Great work!


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