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Discover all the ViaMichelin experience and know-how at the heart of its free application (no subscription required): Michelin maps, routes with real-time traffic and 3D mapping GPS navigation with voice guidance, plus all the services on your route to offer you so much more than a journey.

Whether you’re preparing for day to day trips or for the holidays, ViaMichelin offers you peace of mind and the pleasure of discovery and optimize your route based on traffic conditions.


Establish your position with geolocation on our various maps, interactive, fluid and clear: Michelin map, lite maps, satellite and aerial maps and all new 3D mapping in navigation mode.


Calculate your car, motorcycle, cycle or pedestrian routes quickly and accurately from your current position, your own address or a contact address:

- MULTIPLE ROUTES available, with journey TIME based on traffic, DISTANCE to travel, estimated COSTS (tolls, vignettes, fuel cost based on vehicle type).
- Customise your fuel consumption to calculate the cost of your trip. Refine this cost by specify the model of your car in order to receive a specific consumption calculation.
- Customise your journey through ROUTE OPTIONS: the shortest route, the quickest, cheapest, Michelin recommended, or discovery route.
- Check the ROADMAP featuring all the key stages of your journey.


- Find the cheapest petrol station along or nearby your route. Fuel prices are available for each petrol station in France, Italy and Spain.


Benefit from a real-time and customisable GPS navigation system:

- Guidance based around 3D MICHELIN mapping

- GPS with simple and precise voice guidance

- Alerts: Hazard zones (over 30,000 in Europe) and traffic incidents in real-time (traffic jams, roadworks, bottlenecks, traffic status and traffic information for roads, motorways and ring roads)

- Permanent speed limit display with alerts for exceeded limits


Enjoy real-time traffic to plan journeys for even your most familiar routes.
- Use the green-orange-red colour coding on the maps to identify the most fluid or congested roads, as well as road closures
- You can also choose a route that will save wasted time in traffic jams!


Explore with pleasure for more than just a journey. Discover the Michelin guide selections: hotels and restaurants.


Day after day, we look to enhance mobility in order to bring you more efficiency and pleasure. Our teams are working on your behalf with enthusiasm and passion. Please give us your feedback, your views are valued and contribute to the improvement of YOUR application. Contact us:

Together, the road is safer. Let’s take the best route together.


Versie 12.5.2

Technical optimisations and correction of minor bugs have been carried out.

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205 beoordelingen

205 beoordelingen

Wiliphone5 ,

Speed indication wrongly indicated in Holland in Miles per hour in stread of kilometers per hour

The app works nicely but the speed indication in the Netherlands are not to be in MPH but kmh

TP60MM ,

Why show secundary French names of cities?

Let me start with the positive remark that I am glad that landscape mode is made possible again in the Michelin app. And of course, the map material is still visually unrivalled.
But unfortunately, I also have a complaint. With the latest update, I was shocked to see that all cities have a second French name if it differs from the name in the national language.
Take, for example, northern Italy: Genova-Gênes, Torino-Turin, Milano-Milan, Pavia-Pavie, Piacenza-Plaisance, Parma-Parme, Verona-Vérone, Vicenza-Vicence, Padova-Padoue, Venezia-Venise, and the list goes on and on.
Is Michelin afraid that Francophones will not be able to find 'Venise' on the map? Who asked for this? The French name is completely useless when navigating the Italian roads.
If the French home market asked for this, could a separate app be created for it? Or can a setting be made in the app in which the French name is made visible or invisible as desired?
Even on the paper Michelin maps that I used with great pleasure for decades, there was never a French name as a second name of any city. The internet map on (or does not have this addition either. Moreover, this change has led to at least one error: the Dutch city of Breda is now mentioned only once as Bréda, which is not correct.
I hope that Michelin will come to its senses and reduce its map information to its essence: no more and no less than is strictly necessary. Until then, unfortunately, no 5 stars.

Mvdv67 ,

Useless after last update

After last update (august ‘23) the control bar which displayed hotels, restaurants etc. has been gone. This was one of the main reason I used the app. Now you can only use it as a navigation tool. Please bring back the possibility to choose restaurants, hotels etc. In the control bar!


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