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Yuri Eletskikh

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Warage is a classic RTS that will take you to a magical fantasy world.
In this game you can: manage different units, build structures, upgrade the army, collect gold, chop wood, and much more.


There are two warring factions that have different types of units to control on the battlefield.
You can build structures in any accessible place on the map.
Warage RTS (real-time strategy) has a 2D isometric style. Those who like oldshool games graphics will like it.
The game is free and you can play it offline (campaigns only)

In Warage you'll get:

Two full campaigns with PvE missions (you can play them offline)
Multiplayer PvP up to 6 players
PvP team game 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, etc.
Classic controls with the addition of new and convenient features
Large-scale PvP and PvE battles


Versie 1.5

Fixed bugs, added the ability to play with a bot in multiplayer

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4,0 van 5
1 beoordeling

1 beoordeling

pacorob ,

Compliments for this classic WCII like RTS do add option to remove ads

First of all serious big compliments for the dev of this great launch of this classic RTS game which has the look and feel of classic WCII (Warcraft) on iOS! The intuitive UI and great UI including fog and minimap, audio and nice sounds of eg workers and warriors when selected.

Must have request:
- Offer in-app to remove ads since the full size video ads just (26th March) appeared and this ruins the gameplay. I sure hope the dev will add the option soon (as they have for their other games) to remove these with a pay once in-app since this seriously is annoying. After that I would also gladly do more in-apps to buy a coffee or lunch as long as there are no ads or other terrible ways for earning money.

It does need improvements to make it better:

- The workers that chop wood, mine gold are far away from the tree or stand way far from the gold mine which looks really odd.
- When I tap on screen to move warriors the red marked place is above where I put my finger that doesn’t seem right
- Warriors can walk over water (the sides) which shouldn’t be the case of course
- When in an enemy village with warriors it would make sense that the warriors automatically kept destroying building of the enemy without selecting a building every time myself to destroy
- The warriors don’t seem to walk in a straight line (walk around before the move forward) when multiple all selected although there is no terrain blocking their path
- You can select a worker to build a building and it starts with building this shouldn’t be an option if there aren’t enough resources
- Add a premium version of app or pay once in-app to get full app without ads
- See how much gold is left in a mine and hear the sounds of the mine and hear when it collapses when empty
- It would make more sense to me to see the amount of villagers first before the current maximum so 9/30 not 30/9.
- Have the option to upgrade buildings
- Have the option to heal villagers
- See the progress of a building that is being build
- archers can be trained as of level 5 make that clear in FAQ somewhere
- Do mention somewhere as of which level oil, shipyard and airships are available
- Add arrow button on right and enlarge to left to use full area to see all types of available buildings eg market
- Remove towers in level 1-4 since you cant train archers before level 5 so the towers dont make sense. As of level 5 even when 4 archers are in there they are too easily destroyed
- Show objectives somewhere during game
- Middle of settings in game there is a thin line that shouldnt be there


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