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Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. WaterWalks aims to raise awareness of the rapidly changing water environment of the world we live in. We invite everyone to join us in creating a visual map of our rivers and waterways.

With the WaterWalks app and website you can share your own personal connection to the water: from unique birds and plants to found objects and personal stories. Share stories, record sounds, take photos, make videos and share notes. By walking along the river with this app, you become part of the larger WaterWalks project, initiated by Foundation LUDWIG as a global water monitoring project to raise awareness about the rapidly changing water environment.

The WaterWalks app encourages you to observe and become aware of your surroundings. (Re)connect to the river and the landscape.
The app also connects users: they all contribute to a shared, collective map of impressions and experiences of the rivers, shared in the form of photos, videos or audio posts. All posts are made visible on the map in the app. See what others have posted and explore the river through their eyes.

Sharing features:
Through the app you can share stories, record sounds, take photos, make videos and share notes. These media options are available when pressing the + button:
- Photo and video: Through the app you can access your camera to make and share photo's and video.
- Audio: You can record sounds (like birds, footsteps, or the running river), voice memos and conversation. For this the app accesses your microphone. Audio is only recorded when you start a recording and stops when you stop the recording.
- All posts are geo-localised and made visible on the map in the WaterWalks app.
- You can add tags and descriptions to all your media. These make it possible to filter the content on the map, based on location, tags and media type. This way, you can also discover what other people have contributed and explore new routes.

Why WaterWalks:
The purpose of this app is to create a living, open database of the state and future of our waterways together. It contributes to the mapping and research of the rivers of the world by actively involving individual walkers, artists, ecologists, school children, art historians, urban planners etc.

For whom is WaterWalks:
Anyone who enjoys walking can become part of this global water monitoring project.

Using the WaterWalks app is completely free of charge. The app does not offer paid content or services. The app is created for individual users. This app is not meant for use in one company or client companies. Individual users of WaterWalks can download the app for free from the App Store, create a personal account, and start walking and sharing their stories of the rivers.

WaterWalks was initiated in the Netherlands in 2019 with a clear international ambition.
The app is distributed worldwide. In Europe we currently also organise walking events and actively engage ambassadors to present and promote the app.

Join us for this ambitious project, wherever you are!
Questions, thoughts or feedback? Please feel free to get in touch via info@ludwiglive.nl


Versie 2.2.0

Several fixes:
- Badges now show how many filters are active
- The map has been simplified to exclude unnecessary information
- UI improvements

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5,0 van 5
4 beoordelingen

4 beoordelingen

Megan Lloyd ,

Ontzettend leuk

Een ontzettend leuke app, waardoor ik echt op een andere manier naar de Nieuwe Maas. Ook leuk om nieuwe dingen te weten te komen over de plekken waar ik dagelijks met de hond langsloop.


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