5 New Games We Love

Recruit powerful heroes, expand your vocabulary, and catch a drift with these great new games.

Become a legend

Take your auto-battling to the next level with Teamfight Tactics. Based on Riot Games’ immensely popular League of Legends, this strategy gem lets you build squads of champions and set them loose in round after round of intense combat. Helpful tutorials get you up to speed, but to master this battlefield, just jump right in!

    TFT: Teamfight Tactics

    League of Legends Strategy


Build a motor city

Fasten your seat belt and construct the motor metropolis of your dreams in Overdrive City! There’s more to this speedy city-builder than fast lap times. After racing, use your winnings to craft factories, trick out your rides, and expand your auto empire. Who wants to go for a spin?

    Overdrive City



Play with words (literally)

Sticky Terms, the latest from acclaimed indie game creator Philipp Stollenmayer, turns groups of disjointed letters into puzzle pieces. Slide and rotate the stem of an E or tail of a Q to form funny words in a range of foreign languages. Did you know age-otori means “to look worse after a haircut” in Japanese?

    Sticky Terms

    een onvertaalbaar spel


Hug the walls

In the tricky puzzler SwipeTrix, sequence is essential. Swipe your blue and pink puck across the grid in straight lines to grab all the gems. Think ahead! If you don’t move in just the right order, you’ll wind up stuck. Feel free to replay a level until the path reveals itself.




Hammer time

That sledgehammer in Castle Ramble isn’t just for show: In this destructive platformer, you’ll bust up enemies and walls as you race to defend your castle from nasty bats and bomb-chucking pigs. Stuck at a dead end? Break through the bricks to forge a new path!

    Castle Ramble