The Princh app lets you easily locate printers nearby and print documents directly from your device.

App quick-guide:
- Locate a nearby printer on the Princh map and go there.
- Open the document you wish to print and tap “open in” Princh.
- Select the printer either by typing in the printer ID or by scanning the QR code by the printer.
- Finish by paying for the print job with your credit card or other payment form and collect your document in the printer.

That’s it!

The Princh network consists of publicly available printers in a multitude of locations such as libraries and print shops etc.

We want to give you the best printing experience possible, so if you have any comments, questions or problems we would love to hear from you at support@princh.com

Hva er nytt

Versjon support@princh.com

- The user is now automatically prompted to select a printer before any document processing takes place. This change was implemented to fit with recently implemented, enhanced privacy protection features of Princh.
- Minor bug fixes and perfomance improvements

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578 vurderinger

578 vurderinger

Elnzzz ,

It’s ok pluss

The procedure is a little complicated but it absolutely works! I was finally able to print my resume with colors! Saved my day:)
But: definitely requires that the user understands swiftly how to use smartphones.

Svar fra utvikleren ,

Thank you very much for that nice review! :-)
If you have some ideas for improvement, then we are always happy to hear about them. You can write to support@princh.com
Best regards, the Princh team

sdkjsd ,

How difficult

Is it to save a payment card? Like, I have to manually enter like 16 digits every time I’m gonna print one document for 3kr?? I mean come on

Svar fra utvikleren ,

Hi - We don't allow users to save their payment card info. It's a safety reason. However, if you have it activated, you could use Vipps instead, but it requires that the library were you are at has it activated too.
Best regards, the Princh team

Truth must be spoken ,

Steals money

Steals money
The worst

Apper og personvern

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Data som ikke knyttes til deg

Følgende data kan bli samlet inn, men vil ikke bli knyttet til identiteten din:

  • Diagnostikk

Personvernpraksis kan variere, for eksempel basert på funksjonene du bruker, eller alderen din. Les mer


  • Familiedeling

    Opptil seks familiemedlemmer kan bruke denne appen hvis Familiedeling er aktivert.

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