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How to send timely emails with Airmail 3.

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If you’ve ever wished you could take back an email sent too soon, Airmail 3 can help. Here’s how the email app’s scheduling features send the right emails at the right time.

Delay sending to prevent regret

Airmail’s Sending Delay lets you set delivery delays from 5 to 120 seconds, so you have time to reconsider after clicking Send. Set your preferred delays in Airmail 3 > Preferences > Composing.

With Sending Delay, you can have up to two minutes to take an email back.

If you do change your mind about sending an email, you can find delayed emails in the Drafts folder, labelled as Pending. Click the Cancel button and the email won’t be dispatched – and you’ll save yourself some heartache!

Schedule timely emails

Send Later is a feature for Gmail and Exchange email accounts that lets you schedule emails. This is handy when, for example, you need to remind somebody of something the day after tomorrow. You can compose the email today and schedule it to be sent on the right day.

To schedule an email, click the Send Later icon on the top-right corner of the New Message window – it’s the paper-plane icon with a circular arrow around it. Set the time and date, then click Schedule.

Schedule an email to be sent later – Airmail doesn’t even need to be open at the time for it to be posted.

The scheduled email will rest in the Send Later folder until it’s time to go. If you don’t see the folder in the sidebar, go to Airmail 3 > Preferences > Favourites and select the Send Later checkbox.

The email will be posted at its scheduled time, even if Airmail isn’t open or running in the background. If you change your mind about the email before it’s sent, you can still reschedule it from the Send Later folder, send it immediately, delete the schedule or delete the email.

How to reply quicker

If you want to send emails faster rather than slower, try Airmail’s Quick Reply feature. By default, replying to an email in Airmail opens a new window. Quick Reply lets you dash off a rejoinder above a message without doing that.

The quickest way to write a Quick Reply is to use the keyboard shortcut Q. You can also click and hold the Reply icon on top of the messages list - it’s the curving arrow that points left – then choose Quick Reply in the menu that appears.

To make Quick Reply the default way to answer emails, click Airmail 3 > Preferences > Accounts. Select an account and click its Gear icon (or simply double-click the account). Click Composer, then select the Quick Reply by Default checkbox.

    Airmail 4

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