At home with AR

Make magical worlds appear in your living room.

If you want to bring a bit of life into your living room, AR (augmented reality) can turn your home into a whole new world.

With recent models of the iPhone and iPad, you can use your screen to see virtual objects appear right in front of you on your coffee table or on the carpet by your feet.

This completely transforms how you can play games, because you're no longer limited to two dimensions. Now you can move right around the objects and scenes within the game, get close up to characters or move further away.

Here are three great AR games that you can play at home.

All aboard

With Conduct AR! you are in charge of managing the railways and ensuring that all the trains run around the tracks without colliding.

Because this is AR, the train tracks appear as a network on your floor, while the engines themselves speed around their own little area in your sitting room.

You have the power to make the environment larger or smaller, depending on your preference. This is important, as there will be times when trains run into a tunnel and you will have to physically move around the room to follow them and make sure they don’t crash.

Take control of the railways in Conduct AR!

    Conduct AR! - Train Action

    Explosive railway action in AR


Mind the gap

There are no rules governing the structure of the architecture in ARise. And that is entirely the point of this puzzle game.

Your job is to direct a little soldier around the pathways of a floating island to reach his goal. Trouble is, many of these paths have huge chasms in them that appear uncrossable.

By navigating around the scene – moving to view the scene from above or from the opposite side, for example – you will discover that looking at the path from a particular angle causes the holes in the path to close.

Once you join up the dots to bridge the gaps, your soldier avatar can set off on the march again.

You'll be chasing around your coffee table to keep track of the little soldier in ARise.


    The Augmented Reality Puzzle