Retro gaming relived

Give a new lease of life to some of your favourite classic games.

Fancy taking a trip without ever leaving your sofa? We hear memory lane is lovely this time of year. No matter when your gaming journey started, we’ve all got our favourite classic must plays; ones where the theme tune or loading screen are enough to transport you back to a simpler time.

You don’t need to let these gaming memories live in the past, though. There are plenty of great App Store games ready to give you a hearty serving of nostalgia topped with an impressive modern twist.

A digital reinvention

You don’t get many games more retro than chess, but this timeless classic needn’t be stuck in the past. Really Bad Chess lets you engage in the age old board game, just with a few modern tweaks thrown in. Because who doesn’t want eight Queens on the board?

Knight to E5? OK, but which Knight?

Here, you’ve still got to capture your opponent’s king to win, it’s just the distribution of pieces that are different. Not just from a traditional set-up, but between every round. Sure, trading in six of your pawns for an army of bishops might sound like an easy way to victory, but each mishmash of pieces comes with its own checkmate-seeking challenges.

    Really Bad Chess

    Chess minus memorization


Initiate arcade nostalgia

Here you are, cruising through space, minding your own business when a giant horde of aliens appear in a cloud of bad tempers. Don’t worry though, you’ve got blasters and years of experience of playing arcade favourite Galaga to lean on.

Updating this classic, in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter you have to fight your way through wave after wave of alien invasion. The otherworldly opponents move in increasingly tricky patterns and have their own arsenal – and oversized motherships – ready to return your fire.

    Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

    Space shooter game


Keep on running

Everyone’s favourite bright blue hedgehog has got to be pretty tired by now. The little fella’s been running since 1991 and shows no sign of slowing down. His latest athletic adventure, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom sees you tasked with guiding Sonic and his chums – including the much loved Knuckles and Tails – through a variety of endless worlds.

This isn’t your typical jog around the park, however. Sonic’s path is littered with all sorts of obstacles and dangers and it’s your job to swipe and guide him clear of bombs, drops, Badniks and boobytraps. Oh, and don’t forget to collect those classic gold rings while you’re at it.

    Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

    Ready, Set, RUN!


A classic race goes global

We can’t tell you how many hours we spent growing up, huddled round, facing off in increasingly heated races with our mates while playing Mario Kart. Sure, we might be all grown up now, but that doesn’t mean our karting days are over. Far from it.

Thanks to Mario Kart Tour you can race your way through classic and new Mario Kart tracks directly on your iPhone or iPad. You can even reignite some old rivalries with an online multiplayer mode. Just watch out for those pesky shells and banana skins.

    Mario Kart Tour

    Race around the world!


Camp cute is waiting for you

Grab your tent, we’re off for an adventure. Fortunately, this camping experience doesn’t involve any rain-sodden hiking boots or communal toilets. Instead, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp does away with all the nasties and focuses on the niceties: this is glamping at it’s finest.

Helping ensure your camp stands out from the crowd you can craft your own furniture, unlock a whole host of decorations and discover all manner of seasonal and themed items. Many, varied visitors will come with their own requests. Fulfil these and not only will your campsite continue to evolve and grow, you’ll get a lovely warm feeling inside too.

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Decorate your dream campsite!