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Okay, so you hate going to the gym and you don't like spending money on buying exercise equipment. But you still want to work out and build strength and muscle. Try pushups. Do lots of them.
Let us discuss about the benefits of 200 pushups a day. Try this only for a couple of months and you will be surprised to see the results. Do you know that pushups are incorporated even in the military training camps of all countries? Well, this is such a powerful exercise and the easiest exercise.

To try this, don't start with 200 pushups on the first day. First, start with warming up exercises and then do 10 -15 pushups on the first day. Take a day gap and then try doing 35 pushups in the next session. Also Read: What Raw Foods Do To Your Body? When you are comfortable, gradually increase the number till you reach a stage where you can do 200 a day. But remember that every alternate day is your rest day where you don't perform any exercise.

In The First Week
Your muscles start gaining some size. Particularly, your chest and triceps show improvement. Your strength increases and your confidence levels get a boost.

In The Second Week
Your endurance levels increase once you reach the stage of doing 60-100 pushups a day. This is the time you get in tune with the workout.

In The Third Week
Your balancing skills improve a lot and this is when you feel you have mastered the form and movements of a pushup.

In The Fourth Week
Your metabolism gets a boost and your fat burning abilities enhance. You will worry less about your calorie intake during this period as you will have the confidence to burn all those calories with your workouts.

In The Fifth Week
Your physique improves a bit and your friends will start asking you whether your have joined a gym.

In The Sixth Week
Your ability to push yourself beyond 150-200 pushups would increase. This is when you will feel that pushups are a kids play for you.

In The Seventh Week
Your body gets toned, strength increases, your shape gets better and your muscles look almost like a regular gym rat (though the size doesn't be equal to someone who lifts weights). But you can look shredded if you continue this for as long as possible. Show Thumbnail

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