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- Scene in the Tyrol
- A Rustic Mill
- Sunlight and Shadow Study
- The Old Mill
- Westphalia
- Westphalian Landscape
- Day's Beginning
- Staubbach Falls, Near Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
- Storm Among the Alps
- Capri
- Fishing Boats at Capri
- Olevano
- The Wetterhorn
- Autumn in the Conway Meadows Looking towards Mount Washington, New Hampshire
- Gosnold at Cuttyhunk
- Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
- Pioneers of the Woods
- Rocca de Secca
- Study for Gosnold at Cuttyhunk
- The Arch of Octavius
- Bernese Alps, as Seen near Kusmach
- Chimney Rock
- Fishing from a Canoe
- Grizzly Bears
- Indian Camp
- Landscape with Cattle
- Landscape, New Hampshire
- Mountain Resort
- Newbraska Wasatch Mountains
- Ships in Moonlight
- Surveyors Wagon in the Rockies
- The Marina Piccola, Capri
- The Wolf River, Kansas
- Thunderstorm in the Rocky Mountains
- Wind River Country
- Yosemite Valley Twin Peaks
- Harbor Scene
- Indian Encampment, Shoshone Village
- On the Sweetwater Near the Devil's Gate, Nebraska
- View of Chimney Rock, Ogalillalh Sioux Village in Foreground
- Wind River Country
- An Indian Encampment
- Coastal View, Newport
- Deer Grazing, Grand Tetons, Wyoming
- In the Foothills
- Indian Summer Hudson River
- Indians Travelling Near Fort Laramie
- Scene in the Sierra Nevada
- The Trapper's Camp
- Guerrilla Warfare. Picket Duty in Virginia
- Indian Encampment, Late Afternoon
- Moat Mountain Intervale, New Hampshire
- Mount Washington
- South and North Moat Mountains
- Sunlight and Shadow
- The Columbia River, Oregon
- The Fishing Fleet
- Wind River Mountains Nebraska Territory
- Mormon Boy, Salt Lake City
- Mount Hood
- Nebraska, On the Plain
- North Fork of the Platte Nebraska
- On the Plains
- Sundown at Yosemite
- The Mountain Brook
- The Plains Near Fort Laramie
- The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak
- White Horse and Sunset
- White Mountains, New Hampshire
- Yosemite Valley, California
- Cho-looke, the Yosemite Fall
- Study of a Tree
- Valley of the Yosemite
- Looking Down Yosemite Valley, California
- Mount Hood, Oregon
- Mount Hood, Oregon
- Mountain Lake
- The Sierras near Lake Tahoe
- Yosemite Valley Sunset
- Merced River, Yosemite Valley
- Rocky Mountains
- Sunset on the Coast
- View of the Hudson Looking Across the Tappan Zee Towards Hook Mountain
- Yosemite Valley
- In the Mountains
- The Buffalo Trail
- The Domes of the Yosemite
- Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
- Sunset, Deer, and River
- The Tahoe's Lake
- Tyrolean Landscape
- Yosemite Valley, Yellowstone Park
- Buffalo Trail the Impending Storm
- Estes Park, Colorado
- Ferns and Rocks on an Embankment
- Landscape
- Niagara
- Niagara Falls
- Portrait of a Horse
- Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Rosalie
- Sunset in the Yosemite Valley
- The Oregon Trail
- The Rocky Mountains, Landers Peak
- Bears in the Wilderness
- Evening on the Prarie
- Overlook Mountain from Olana
- Passing Storm over the Sierra Nevada
- Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast
- The Emerald Pool
- Wind River, Wyoming
- Yosemite
- Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite
- Kern's River Valley, California
- View in Yosemite Valley
- Western Landscape
- Cathedral Rock, Yosemite Valley, California
- Cathedral Rocks, A Yosemite View
- Landscape Study Owens Valley, California
- Landscape, Rockland County, California
- Mariposa Indian Encampment, Yosemite Valley, California
- Mono Lake, Sierra Nevada, California
- Nevada Falls, Yosemite
- Seal Rock
- Seal Rock, California
- Seal Rocks (San Francisco)
- Seal Rocks, Pacific Ocean, California
- Sierra Nevada
- The Sacramento River Valley
- View of Donner Lake, California
- Winter in Yosemite Valley
- Beach Scene
- Campfire Site, Yosemite
- Donner Lake fr...


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