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A round robin tournament generator for all sporting events. Organise match schedules for singles, doubles and team events. No subscription or login required.

Do you need to:
- Organise a round robin tournament?
- Maintain a list of players/teams?
- Generate a tournament schedule with locations and times?
- Keep track of scores?
- Maintain a leaderboard?
- Provide a report to all the players/teams?
All-Play-All Robin Round is just what you are looking for.

Great for any sports, games or leagues that require an all-play-all format for singles, doubles or team competitions.

- No login/accounts/internet required.
- Choice of singles, doubles and team tournaments.
- Option to include a finals playoff at the end of the rounds
- Includes bye rounds for singles and team tournaments if odd number of players.
- Multiple tournaments/grades can be run in parallel.
- Customise your locations for each match
- Schedule the start times for each round
- Maintain a list of individuals/teams.
- Record scores for each match.
- Award points for a win, loss, draw & games won with option to apply a points factor and/or differential based on the score.
- Check the rankings on the Leaderboard.
- Generate and share a report containing all tournament details including the scores and leaderboard.
- Support for iCloud sync to keep your devices up to date with the latest results.
- Support for light/dark mode.

Each team/player will play every other team/player once for singles and team tournaments. For a doubles tournament, each player will partner with each other player once and play against each player twice. This cycle can be repeated up to 4 times.

The Participant view is segmented by participant details and tournaments.

*Participant Details:
There are two types of participants - Individuals and Teams.
Whilst adding individuals, you decide if you also want to record a grade, email address and phone number. These are all optional.
For teams, you can add a grade and a captain. You can also select individuals to be included in the team. Again, these are all optional.
Player/team details can be easily edited.

This view will display all tournaments that the selected individual/team is participating in.

The Tournament view is segmented by Setup, Matches and Leaderboard.

*Tournament Setup:
-Tournament format - Singles, Doubles or Teams. Individuals can be selected for singles & doubles. Teams can be selected for a team tournament. (Note: For Doubles, the number of players/teams must be 5, 9 or divisible by 4 (up to 24). Each player will have a bye for 5 or 9 players schedules).
- Number of cycles (rounds can be repeated eg all-play-all twice).
- Venue (optional).
- Tournament start date/time.
- Select participants - from 4 to 24.
- Set playoff for Singles/Teams if required - Top 2, 4 or 8 players/teams. Option to include bronze playoff for 3rd place.
- Schedule matches:  
Option to include location for each match.
Provide location constraint if less facilities available than required for all matches in a round to be run simulaneously
Option to show start time for each round (calculated from tournament start date/time).
- Points to award - win, draw, loss, sets/games won plus results factor and results differential that can be applied to the score.
- Enter scores for up to 3 sets/games

Tournaments can be easily edited, copied and deleted.

- Display the draw.
- Includes locations and start times if set.
- Capture results for each match, with winner indicated.

- Check out who is leading the tournament.
- Display results from each round for each team/player.

When all matches have a score recorded, the tournament is deemed to be 'Completed'. The facitility to update to scores and points is still available.

A report containing all tournament details can be generated and shared.



Versión 2.7

Updated to allow scores to be entered for up to 3 sets/games per match. Set the parameter under Tournament Setup -> Tournament Points & Scoring.
Included a new points allocation for the number of sets/games won.
Update to Matches view to accommodate extra scoring fields.

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