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Excited for the release of AC New Horizons? Want a companion app to get ready for the game? Here's one to keep in your pocket! Use "Companion for AC New Horizons" to keep up on the latest news on the new game. You can also find a countdown for events, detailed information on bugs, fish, villagers, and even recipes.

Keep tuned as new data on wildlife and items will be slowly added in after the game is released!

- Social features to visit other players by sharing Dodo Codes!
- Visit random dream towns and submit your own!
- Keep your very own companion app in your pocket, just like in the game!
- Stay up to date with the latest New Horizons game news in the News section
- Count down the days until in-game events in the Countdown section
- Get predictions on your turnip prices for the week
- Learn when to catch all the bugs and fish, and keep track of what you've already caught
- Keep track of fossils and art you've donated to the museum, and figure out if your art is a forgery!
- Get detailed information on any villager that currently exists and favorite them to keep track of which ones live in your village so you can easily check their birthday or their favorite coffee
- Receive notifications on the birthdays of your favorite villagers
- Create your own custom notifications
- Keep a to-do list in a notepad

The "Companion for AC New Horizons" app and the developer are not affiliated with Nintendo Co. Ltd. in any way. The Animal Crossing franchise and its characters are the property of Nintendo.


Versión 1.17

What's New:
- New Dreams section!
- Submit your town's dream address code, or visit other random dream towns
- Fixed some fossil names

Past Updates:
- Fixed some event dates
- Turnip Calc will now remember your entered values
- Added diving creatures to the "Critters" section
- Replaced the DIY "Recipes" section with a "Turnip Calc" section to predict your turnip prices!
- Added some shiny new images for villagers
- Slightly reduced popup ad frequency
- Added the ability to track your museum art and fossils
- You can view the real and fake versions of each artwork
- Updated the event list for New Horizons
- The Countdown screen will now count down to the next in-game event
- Fixed the "show only what's catchable right now" feature to work properly
- Added a "show only what's catchable this month" filter to the Wildlife screen
- Updated prices and catch times for all bugs and fish
- Added new images for bugs and fish
- Fixed some crashes and UI issues
- New Social feature lets you share your Dodo Code to visit other players!
- New bugs, fish, and villagers added
- New Calendar feature shows upcoming in-game events and the villager birthdays that you have notifications turned on for
- Share feature for the Countdown
- New DIY recipes
- Added an in-app purchase to remove ads
- Added the ability to toggle Events notifications in the new Calendar section
- Added a Reminders section to create your own custom notifications and keep notes
- Bug fixes concerning search features and News images
- You can now zoom in and pan images in the News section
- There is now a toggle to see what is catchable right now in the Wildlife section
- The Countdown and My Villagers screens are now a bit more lively
- Fish now list their shadow size


Paul Serb
327.2 MB

Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



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