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Engaging Congress is a game that uses primary source documents, photographs, political cartoons, maps, and other items to explore the challenges of sustaining representative democracy in our complex and diverse nation today.


- Introductory Video
- Theme-based Stories
- Primary Source Gallery
- Primary Source Analysis
- Trivia Challenge
- Assessment Tools
- Mini-games...

Engaging Congress content is divided into five thematic stories:

- More Equal Than Others (Influencing the Political Process)
- Laws and Sausages (Separation of Powers)
- Vote Early, Vote Often (Voting Rights)
- A Balancing Act (The Federal Budget)
- Fair is not Always Equal (Federalism and States' Rights)

The accompanying Engaging Congress website ( contains many additional resources including:

- The Teacher Toolbox
- Curriculum Guide
- Correlation of content with Social Studies standards
- Bank of multiple-choice and discussion assessment questions
- Links to Library of Congress primary source analysis guides
- Downloadable PDFs and PNGs of all primary source documents
- And more.


Versión 1.3

Added two new educational modules covering the executive and judicial branches of government
Fixed bug with calculation of safe areas on screen
Increased resolution of primary source assets throughout game
Implemented new video download and caching system to minimize initial application download size

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